Asset.Desk 8.9b is now available for download in our download area.

We have optimized the license management and the lifecycle for you. In the following we would like to introduce you to the new features:

License Management Power Update

  • Office 365 Plan: Catalog and, if applicable, license can be automatically assigned to the corresponding employees in Asset. Desk from the online user account information of the Office 365 Plan.


  • Active Directory CAL Assignment: The correct assignment of user or device CAL to active devices or employees of an AD group or -OU can be controlled automatically in Asset.Desk.


  • Office Bundle Licenses: Multiple Office installations on one device are counted only once in a bundle.


  • License assignment for virtual systems: Display “virtual” facilitates whether the system needs to be licensed or not.

Lifecycle delivery/return Update

  • The menu navigation for the handover and return process has been revised, supplemented and simplified.


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