FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH shines with double awards: Asset.Desk and HEINZELMANN Service.Desk honored as a leader in systems management and BPM!

FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH celebrates outstanding successes in two crucial IT areas: IT asset management and business process management. Our Asset.Desk received the “BEST OF 2024” award in the field of systems management, during the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk was honored in the Business Process Management (BPM) category.

These awards confirm FCS as a leading provider of IT solutions that help companies optimize their IT infrastructure and business processes.

Asset.Desk: Leader in IT asset management

Asset.Desk, our KPMG-certified IT asset management software, has proven itself through its industry-wide usability and leading position as an asset tracking software and ITAM solution. The awarding of the “BEST OF 2024” award in the area of ​​system management Asset.Desk confirms our strength in providing a solution that enables visibility, control and efficiency across the entire lifecycle of IT assets.

HEINZELMANN Service.Desk: Innovation in Business Process Management

At the same time, ours was HEINZELMANN Service.Desk, an advanced ITSM solution, recognized for its excellence in business process management. HEINZELMANN enables companies to seamlessly integrate, automate and optimize their business processes, resulting in improved operations and increased overall efficiency.

Receiving the “BEST OF 2024” award underlines our commitment to innovation and our ability to develop solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future challenges.

FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH is proud to receive these recognitions and remains committed to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible with IT asset management and business process management.



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