We present: Install.Desk 5.0
The new version offers great innovations!

The FCS IT Management Solutions team is pleased to announce the release of the latest major version: Install.Desk 5.0.0. This release brings a wealth of new features and improvements aimed at more efficient software distribution within your IT infrastructure. With a fresh design, Install.Desk offers, among other things, a modern user interface and individual customization options.


All new features at a glance:

  1. Windows 11 layouts: Adaptation to Windows 11 Styles for a modern and intuitive user interface.
  2. Active Directory Loader: Simplified takeover of clients from the Active Directory through profiles and automatic time control. Optionally, the FCS Installer Service can be distributed to new clients at the same time.
  3. Alphabetical sorting: Improved navigation and clarity through alphabetical arrangement of jobs and packages.
  4. PowerShell scripts: Advanced customization and automation capabilities by running PowerShell scripts on the clients.
  5. Mail frameworks: SMTP sending flexibility by supporting various mail frameworks, adapted to specific network requirements.
  6. OAuth2 for email notifications: Email notifications via Office 365 using OAuth2 authentication. For more compliance and security!


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Detailed insights into what's new in Install.Desk 5.0.0:

New Windows 11 layouts

With the new version, we have updated the entire layout of Install.Desk and adapted it to the Windows 11 styles. Install.Desk now appears in the modern Windows 11 UI, as you may already know from the Microsoft 365 apps Outlook and Office. The program also offers three special FCS layouts to choose from in “Orange Sky”, “Blue Ocean” and “Green Mint”, each of which is based on the Windows 11 layout.

Active Directory Loader

The Active Directory Loader is now integrated for the transfer of devices to Install.Desk. It can be done - as in Asset.Desk – Define different profiles for the transfer from the Active Directory (AD). This makes the transfer of clients from AD to Install.Desk much more convenient and easier. A time control enables the periodic synchronization of AD and Install.Desk and automatically transfers new clients with the appropriate profile to Install.Desk. Optionally, the FCS Installer Service can also be distributed to the newly adopted clients. The Active Directory Loader is available free of charge.

Alphabetical sorting of jobs and packages

Within job and package groups, the jobs and packages can now be sorted alphabetically. This means that jobs and packages can be found more quickly in large lists.

Run PowerShell scripts

The job parameters now include the “Run in PowerShell” option to start PowerShell scripts on the client. This means that any PowerShell scripts can be distributed to the clients and executed there.

Various mail frameworks to choose from for sending emails via SMTP

A different mail framework can now be selected in the options under SMTP configuration. Several mail frameworks are supported. In addition to “System.Net.Mail” from the underlying Microsoft .NET Framework, which is set in the standard, “Limilabs Mail.dll” and “MailKit” are also offered. These can be selected if there are problems with the standard framework when sending via SMTP in your network.

Send email notifications via OAuth2 via Office 365

Install.Desk now supports the token-based authentication via OAuth2 required by Microsoft to send email notifications via Office 365. To do this, you must register Install.Desk as an app for your Office 365 cloud service. Install.Desk can then access Office 2 user accounts using the OAuth 365 protocol with application ID, directory ID and connection token to send the email notifications. Email notifications are optionally sent by Install.Desk when jobs fail.


We wish you an efficient and successful software distribution with Install.Desk 5.0!

Your FCS team

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Download, licensing and support options

For existing FCS customers with an Install.Desk support contract, a new license file is required to use the new major version.
Contact us by e-mailPhone or right about that Formto update your license.

No support contract? No problem! We are happy to offer you our consulting support for an additional charge.
Contact us to find out more - via e-mailPhone or Form.



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