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Store O´Crypt

With our Store O´Crypt USB-sticks, your data is protected against unauthorized tampering!

Your data is encrypted via AES-256 and additionally secured with a password.

If a Store O´Crypt gets lost, your data cannot be read by unauthorized persons. This will allow you to safely transport sensitive company data, like plans, presentations, company figures, and so on.  – Store O´Crypt ensures, that they will not get in the wrong hands.

Strong encryption and reliable password protection

The AES-256 algorithm is embedded directly on the device; this allows the hardware to encrypt incoming data stored in it. Access to the stick can only be gained after entering the right password.  The password check cannot be stopped, manipulated or circumvented. Thus you ensure, that all data on the stick is encrypted and that only authorized personnel can retrieve it.

Up to three user roles: Implementing company policies

Store O´Crypt offers three user roles: „Administrator“, „User“ and „Guest“. If you activate the optional role “User”, the administrator can define policies for password length and strength. He is also in the position to activate the write protection feature or to reset the user password, if it is lost or has been entered wrong too often. With the help of these roles, company policies can be realized.

Write protection feature

You can activate write protection to additionally save your data – especially if the stick is used in unprotected networks.Activating the feature ensures, that stored data can be read but no data can be copied to the stick. Thus an administrator is in the position to configure a write protected stick with company data for its field service and he can be sure that the stick will return without malware on it.

Use it on any PC through Plug & Play

Store O´Crypt can be used and administrated at any Windows PC (Windows XP or higher). There is no additional software needed. Just plug it in, enter the password and start working!

Software updated via internet create investment security

You can easily provide the stick with software updates over the internet in order to keep the launcher application up to date and use the latest “added value features” for free. This ensures your investment will always stay a safe bet!

Optional Enterprise Console

The module Enterprise Console allows you to configure and manage all your Store O´Crypt sticks using a centralized console.


Dr. Falk’s Store O’Crypt, 4GB

Hardware encrypted USB stick
22,00 €
Volume scale prices:
from 3 pieces – 22,00 €
from 20 pieces – 20,00 €
from 50 pieces – 19,00 €
(minimum purchase 3 pieces)


Dr. Falk’s Store O’Crypt, 8GB

Hardware encrypted USB stick
55,00 €
Volume scale prices:
from 3 pieces – 55,00 €
from 20 pieces – 50,00 €
from 50 pieces – 45,00 €
(minimum purchase 3 pieces)

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