Asset.Desk Lifecycle management

Masterdata Managment

With the Asset.Desk Lifecycle Management add-on module “master data” in Asset.Desk you can manage employee and localization data.

  • The localization data includes locations, buildings, floors, rooms, warehouses and departments.
  • This master data can be used for all organizational functions to map the operational structure and the allocation of assets in Asset.Desk map.
  • Employee and localization data can also be extracted from the Active Directory take over (if that Active Directory Loader module is licensed and this data is maintained there.)
  • In addition, article and partner data (suppliers and customers), which are essential for procurement and sales, can be maintained centrally and according to the desired information content.
  • The basic forms include protocols for handing over objects to employees or returning them to the warehouse.
  • Many standard reports, evaluations and lists are available for the master data.

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