Encryption of personal data is mandatory

Nowadays, companies already have to encrypt certain data due to legal regulations. The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) requires companies that collect, process or use personal data to take both technical and organizational measures to ensure data protection. The encryption of data plays a particularly important role in the measures mentioned in Section 9 Clause 1.

Protect yourself against data loss

But not only the legal situation, but also their own interests should motivate a company to use encryption solutions.

Every employee who, for example, uses a company notebook or takes data on a USB memory stick with him to his home office or to a customer endangers your company. After all, any loss of data today can lead to economic collapse.
Financial losses due to the loss of competitive advantages due to claims for damages or loss of image etc. occur quickly.

FCS therefore offers several Products that protect your data with encryption. For example, you can use our Disc.Secure solution to store important data in a secure container. The RemCrypt program also makes it possible to encrypt removable storage using the AES-256 security standard. The freeware FCS CryptMe! Complete the trio. With it, individual data can be encrypted and decrypted directly via Windows Explorer.

Would you also like your data to be backed up when you're on the go? Convince yourself of our secure USB stick dr Falk's Store O'Crypt! This is a USB stick that encrypts your data "on board" AES-256 and only allows access by entering a secure password.

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