Corporate Sustainability Navigator  

Sustainability at the center

Strategic development in line with sustainability

At FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH, we have set ourselves the goal of establishing sustainability as the core of our business strategy. Participation in Corporate Sustainability Navigator Assessment with Bayern Innovativ was a crucial step on this journey, helping us to evaluate our previous efforts and clearly define future directions.

Together for a sustainable IT industry

As a company, we are proud to be paving the way to a more sustainable future. At FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH, we are committed to embedding sustainability in aspects of our business and positively influencing our industry.

Economic sustainability: profit with responsibility

In the dimension of economic sustainability, we evaluated our ability to create long-term value while following ethical business practices. This is crucial to acting as a responsible company and combining economic success with social responsibility.

Social sustainability: people at the center

The social dimension highlights how we support the well-being of our employees, customers and the community. The assessment enabled us to evaluate our performance in terms of fair working conditions, diversity and inclusion, and social commitment.

Ecological Sustainability: Our Contribution to the Planet

In the area of ​​environmental sustainability, we have examined our practices to reduce the ecological footprint and protect the environment. This includes initiatives for energy efficiency, waste reduction and sustainable use of resources.

Management of sustainable development

This dimension focuses on our strategic approach to integrating sustainability into our corporate governance. It assesses how we embed sustainability into our decision-making processes and corporate culture.

Shaping the future with sustainability

Using the CSN – Corporate Sustainability Navigator – Assessment as a basis, we are committed to continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability in order not only to grow as a company, but also to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.


Further information can be found on the Bayern Innovativ website at and on the following Link.

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