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Increase your business success with first-class IT, asset and service management

Did you know that an optimized IT, asset and service management solution can significantly improve the efficiency, control and security of your company? As an industry leader, FCS offers specialized solutions that significantly optimize your business processes. Learn how our precise inventory management, comprehensive IT asset management, and robust security solutions can improve resource management. Whether for business or public administration, FCS has been delivering tailored solutions and setting standards in effectiveness, adaptability and security since 1999 - your trusted choice for advanced IT asset and service management.

  • Inventory management and mobile inventory management:
    Increase inventory accuracy and process efficiency with our inventory management software, including mobile solutions for agile inventory capture.
  • IT asset management and enterprise asset management:
    Increase overview and control of your IT assets with our comprehensive IT asset management. Our Enterprise Asset Management optimizes the management of all company assets.
  • License and contract management:
    Reduce compliance risks and control license spend with our centralized license and contract management.
  • Life cycle management:
    Optimize the lifecycle of your IT assets with our targeted lifecycle management solution that ensures durability and value retention.
  • IT documentation and graphical inventory plans:
    Improve IT visibility and management with our advanced IT documentation and inventory visuals tools.
  • IT service management and helpdesk:
    Increase the performance of your IT support with our integrated IT service management and an efficient helpdesk.
  • Software distribution:
    Ensure seamless and secure network software distribution that promotes consistency and operational efficiency.
  • Endpoint and USB Security:
    Effectively protect end devices and USB ports from external threats and secure your data with our endpoint and USB security solution.

Comprehensive visibility into hardware and software across the network results in improved support and significant cost savings. The basis for this is as automated as possible Inventory management, which creates the data basis, i.e. detects the computers in the network largely independently and scans hardware and software data as automatically as possible. Linking the device data with organizational, contractual and commercial information then makes this possible effectively IT Asset Management (ITAM) in the company. If you manage all fixed and material goods in one system, i.e. furniture, machines, apparatus or vehicles in addition to IT resources, then you can do it Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) operate professionally. What are you waiting for? Increase your business success and take advantage of our industry-leading expertise in IT, asset and service management.

processes like Software deployment and License management are more important than ever, as license compliance is subject to ever stricter surveillance and legal violations can result in embarrassing penalties. That License management is therefore no longer just a task for the IT department. Presenting the data in diagrams such as topology maps and network maps provides a meaningful IT documentation as is also required for certification (ISO) or IT basic protection.

Due to numerous amalgamations, management, purchasing and controlling have also become important influencing factors and questioners for IT and asset management. Through automated processes, for example when recording the network and its components IT purchasing and IT salesWherein Software management and distribution or when User Helpdesk there is considerable optimization potential. Well-known economic institutes put the potential savings in the double-digit percentage range.

In particular, the integration of Service Desk, i.e. ticket system, and IT asset management creates a decisive gain in efficiency with ITIL-compliant processes. The central component of this is the Change and Configuration Management Database (CMDB). We have ours Products geared towards it.

Finally offers you one Lifecycle management Comprehensive options to track and map the entire lifecycle of your assets. The assets, whether IT resources or furniture, are "accompanied" from procurement and installation in the system to handover to the user, possible relocations during the life cycle, return at the end of the life cycle, to disposal. All processes are documented and logged so that historical data on all asset movements and changes is available.

Our solutions for the security of your company data

IT security should have become a cornerstone of any business activity by now. Because no company that wants to be successful in the market can afford to be negligent here. Nowadays almost all data is stored electronically, so that the damage caused by data loss or theft can threaten the existence of the company concerned. Even if there is no threat of existential damage, the damage to the image of customers and the public can sometimes hardly be measured.

Which security measures are important?

Those responsible for security in companies always ask themselves the same questions:
How do you achieve the best possible security while at the same time having the greatest possible freedom and flexibility in everyday working life? That means nothing more than: Who is allowed to access what data, when, from where, and how to work with it? In addition to these internal company regulations, there are also some statutory provisions that oblige companies to protect employee data against misuse, for example.

Frequently asked questions about our FCS solutions for IT, asset and service management:

Does FCS offer a comprehensive solution for IT, asset and service management?

Yes, with our products like Asset.Desk, HEINZELMANN Service.Desk, Install.Desk and Security.Desk, we cover all facets of IT, asset and service management to manage your resources efficiently.

What solutions does FCS offer for comprehensive IT, asset and service management and how can I test them?

FCS offers a wide range of solutions for effective IT and asset management, including inventory management, mobile inventory, IT asset management, enterprise management, license management, contract management, lifecycle management, graphical inventory plan, IT documentation, helpdesk service, software distribution and endpoint security. Try our products for free to test the functionality and benefits for yourself.

What makes FCS a special partner for IT, asset and service management?

FCS is characterized by personal support, the ability to implement almost any customer requirement (we build everything except aircraft carriers), and a development team that can efficiently implement customer-specific features. Our solutions are cost-effective, with no hidden additional costs for customization, and have won multiple awards for their performance and ease of use. With FCS you don't just get a product, but a reliable partner who is committed to your company's success.

  • Inventory management
  • Mobile Inventory
  • IT asset management
  • enterprise management
  • License management
  • Contract Management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Graphic inventory plan
  • IT documentation
  • IT service management
  • Helpdesk service
  • Software deployment
  • Endpoint Security

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