White Papers & Success Stories

E-government and public administration 4.0: Optimizing processes and improving contact with citizens with a service desk

Read how you can use a service desk to optimize your processes, advance your digitization status, improve contact with citizens and still save on your budget.

Inventory with RFID

Read how you can use RFID technologies to speed up and simplify the inventory of all company assets!

HEINZELMANN Service.Desk im einsatz

Read how the Joseph Foundation is already thinking about tomorrow by introducing a new service desk today and find out why one of the largest housing companies chose the HEINZELMANN, which individual processes they can cover with the program and how they managed it have to achieve a cost saving of 50 percent.

Let's talk about: Support2021

Find out how you can automate and optimize your IT processes. And find out what is important when choosing a solution.

Workflow management

How a helpdesk, service desk or IT service management software (ITSM) contributes to automation in your company.

Comprehensive Security Strategy - Don't forget to protect your hardware interfaces!

Endpoint Security with Security.Desk

IT asset management in desktop virtualization

How does the inventory work, e.g. B. from IGEL thin clients, VMware vCenter and cloud environments?

Avoid licensing errors

How can license gaps be proactively avoided!

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