Commercial data includes acquisition and financial data, warranty, leasing, depreciation and accounting and
billing data. In addition, article and partner data (suppliers and customers) can be maintained centrally and according to the desired information content, which is essential for procurement and sales. This includes detailed information in the area of ​​the article master data, such as article groups, minimum and target stocks as well as supplier key figures for the corresponding contact persons or the prescribed payment terms.


Overview of all commercial data of all assets

The commercial data module gives you a commercial overview of your IT assets – whether they have been purchased, rented, leased or have already been written off and disposed of. In this way, you always have an overview of the "Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)" of your IT inventory. Your assets are identified in operation via:

• Inventory and system number (incl. label printing)
• Delivery note and invoice number
• Vendor Information
• Types of financing

With numerous standard reports and individual evaluations up to a comprehensive cost analysis, you ensure
Transparency within your company. Buying and leasing devices can be B. Evaluate residual value or lease expiration.

Inventory tags to identify all assets

The inventory number is the unique identifier in asset management and is in Asset.Desk flexibly definable. For example, number ranges can be defined for each object type and prefixes and postfixes can be added. The inventory label printing function simplifies inventory and supports other processes, such as the helpdesk or facility management, by clearly labeling your assets. When taking inventory with a mobile device, radio frequency scanning (RFID) is supported in addition to 2D scanning via barcodes. More detailed information can be found in the section Mobile.

Analysis of all costs incurred

The "Object book" function allows you to record cost entries for an individual device, for a software license, for a piece of furniture or for an employee and to keep accounts of the costs incurred. In this way, you can allocate repair, service and other costs to an asset or a person based on their cause and evaluate them based on cost centres. Even the allocation of software license costs, for example, is no problem with ITAsset Management. Graphical and tabular evaluations in the cost analysis provide information about the distribution of costs in the company. All costs can be traced according to origin. For example, you can see at a glance which department caused the most helpdesk costs in the past quarter or what proportion of the total costs are maintenance costs.
All reports and cost analyzes can be exported and printed out directly. In this way you create the basis for a detailed allocation of services to cost centers and company codes (clients).

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