Asset.Desk License management

application metering

Keep your software costs under control

With the Asset.Desk License management add-on module "Application Metering" Unexpected savings potentials open up for new software purchases, contract extensions and updates. Because you know immediately whether the software applications are really used or needed in your company.

Asset.Desk For example, Application Metering tells you:

  • When was the last time a particular software application was opened?
  • How many times has this software application been used since you installed it?
  • At which workstations is this software used and where was it last not needed?

Recognize usage focuses and gaps at a glance

Together with the Asset.Desk Scanning Agent Windows "Application Metering" records all process starts on the clients. Receive tailored reports and graphical historical views to track down unused software and see actual usage.

Essential for full software license management

"Application Metering" delivers the usage information directly to the license management. There, licenses of unused software can be assigned to another device or another employee with just a few clicks. You can sell excess licenses or stop renewing them. Software use via terminal clients is also recorded and included in the analyses.

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