The Store O'Crypt Enterprise Console gives you the opportunity to all Store O'Crypt Centrally initialize and manage sticks in your company.

Uniform rights, central database and Active Directory connection

All connected Store O'Crypt sticks can be initialized with a uniform administrator password and rights via the central Enterprise Console. All sticks that have been initialized are available in your database with serial numbers. An employee can be assigned to each stick via Active Directory.

Generation of secure one-time passwords (OTP)

If the user forgets his password on site, the stick can be unlocked again offline:
A one-time password is generated via the Enterprise Console and can be given to the user over the phone.

Your protection at a glance:

  • Centrally define administrator password, password guidelines and user authorizations
  • Specify the number of login attempts separately for administrator and user
  • Administrator password without data loss on plugged
    Reset Store O'Crypt
  • Generate "One Time Passwords" (OTP) offline, which resets the administrator or user password on the stick
  • Protection of the CD-ROM with device-specific keys
  • Precise assignment of employees to their Store O'Crypt through Active Directory connection
  • Protection of all accesses from the Enterprise console to the connected Store O'Crypt sticks with a personalized smart card (optional)

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