Desk Suite

FCS.Desk Suite

Uniform interface and control, one-time registration

The FCS.Desk Suite is an additional program that provides a uniform interface for the control of all Desk products from FCS.

All programs, including Asset.Desk, Install.Desk, Install.Desk OSIS, Security.Desk and Heinzelmann, can be conveniently started from the FCS.Desk Suite at the push of a button and can be operated and controlled in parallel there.

The use of FCS.Desk Suite is therefore especially useful for those users who work with several FCS solutions daily.

The registration for each individual application is not required because of the single login at the Desk Suite.

In addition, in the Desk Suite, you only define once the language, layout, and color for all the Desk products used in the Suite.

–> The FCS.Desk Suite is included free of charge in every setup of the FCS solutions and can be used immediately.

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