Software deployment

Controlling and updating software stocks from one workplace rationalizes a large number of work processes in the IT department and creates a high degree of legal certainty. This allows you to keep track of your software inventory at all times.

The central software distribution also supports the homogenization of the software versions and work environments on the computers in the company network. The use of a central software distribution solution saves time-consuming manual installation processes and thus time and money.

Implement system rollouts easily and efficiently

At FCS you will find everything you need for a quick and easy system rollout - regardless of whether you

  • “only” want to distribute a patch,
  • want to roll out extensive software packages or
  • plan to upgrade all of your clients to a new operating system.

And the best part is:

You decide on your range of functions! With a modular structure, like all FCS solutions, it adapts Install Desk exactly to your needs. Let our software management solutions convince you!

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