Extension of the ticket types by own lists

The concept of ticket types from version 5.10 is now extended by lists that you can define and fill yourself. Thus, these data are available to you for all tickets. You can now display and sort your own lists and fields in the ticket lists.


The ticket as draft

An important meeting is about to start and you run out of time to finalize the ticket you just created?

The ticket can now be saved as a draft for further processing.
If you are unable to complete the creation of a new ticket, simply save the ticket as a draft. It is thus only visible to you and can be processed further at a later point in time and then converted into a ticket.


start workflow from within the ticket

Now you already have an overview of all workflows available to you in the ticket. The new version integrates the module directly into the ticket. If, while processing a ticket, you determine that a recurring process defined in ITSM must be started, this is now possible at the push of a button. You can start the workflow directly from the ticket and track the status of the ticket in the workflow.

  • The HEINZELMANN Workflow Module is required.


ISIS12: HEINZELMANN supports the standard among information security management systems (ISMS)

HEINZELMANN covers all the requirements that the standard requires of a service management tool. Map service management processes with our additional modules Service and Workflow. Identify critical applications, map them in the service catalog and derive corresponding Service Level Agreements. A time-controlled deletion of tickets is also possible from this version on. Now you simply define the period of time how long tickets should be kept in the system. A service then cyclically deletes the tickets that have exceeded this period.

This means that all 12 points of the ISIS standard are now supported by HEINZELMANN.

ISIS12 (short for Information Security Management System in 12 steps) is a model for the introduction of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It contains concrete measures for the systematic and continuous increase of information security.


Selection list of ticket types and templates

When creating a new ticket, a selection of the existing ticket types and the templates in connection with the ticket types is displayed for a better overview. If you had to select the template you want to use in a separate step before, the step will now be omitted if only one template has been defined for the respective ticket type. This combines the selection of ticket type and template in one step.



FCS customers with a HEINZELMANN support contract can download the new version free of charge. Please contact our support or our sales.

You have no support contract and would like to purchase the new version?
Our sales team will be happy to advise you:

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We wish you much efficiency, success, and joy with our new ServiceDesk HEINZELMANN 5.20!

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