Asset Desk 8.10.4

The following new features are waiting for you:

  • More valuable information: The system now reads the local users and local administrators set up on the Windows clients
  • TPM Trusted Platform Module: Asset.Desk now recognizes whether a TPM chip is present and scans the manufacturer, specification, and version of the chip
  • More functionality and comfort: Individual rights can be assigned for user-defined fields
  • Fewer clicks: The shape editor for object groups and object types now also allows the transfer of so-called search fields or combination fields to the overview pages of devices and furniture
  • More features for reporting on vCenter/HyperV environments: This now offers more filtering options and totals rows
  • Proxy settings for cloud scanners
  • Text files can be created when creating a new file
  • Fast and efficient transfer of assets to a warehouse: The Asset.Desk Mobile+ app now has a practical process to simplify the movement of multiple assets to a warehouse
  • More warehouse settings: New features support warehouse receipts
  • Asset.Desk Mobile+ for Windows 10: APP Asset.Desk Mobile+ now also runs on Windows 10 and supports the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)


Valuable information: Review and consolidate local users and administrators at the clients

The local users including privilege as well as the members of the local administrator group are now read from each client when scanning Windows computers. Asset.Desk displays this information per client or inconvenient reports.
This provides Asset.Desk administrative users in particular with valuable information to control and consolidate the use of local users and administrators at the clients.

! Precondition is the use of the FCS Windows Agent. (Information about the Windows Agent can be found on our website or contact our sales department).


More inventory data – Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a chip on the motherboard that adds basic security functions to the computer. Asset.Desk detects whether a TPM chip is present and then scans the manufacturer, specification, and version of the chip.

  • The TPM data is displayed on the device and on the motherboard report.
  • Vice versa, the report can now identify where the TPM chip is not yet implemented.


More flexibility – New rights for users fixed fields

Individual access rights (“Do not display”, “Read”, “Write” or “Inherited from dialog”) can now be assigned for each individual user-defined field.
This allows you to flexibly control which Asset Desk user can see and, if necessary, edit which additional field on a dialog.


Avoid unnecessary clicks: New search fields for the main form design

The shape editor for object groups and object types now also allows the transfer of so-called search fields or combination fields to the overview pages (main shape) of device and furniture. Search fields are those fields that can be filled with values from dependent tables via a search window. These include, for example, the article number, service type, cost center, supplier, person responsible. All these combined fields can now – in addition to the normal input fields – also be brought to the overview page of the asset view in the Form Editor.


Report vCenter/HyperV

The vCenter/HyperV Environments report now provides more filtering options and summary rows (number of CPUs and cores of VMs).


Proxy setting for Cloud Scanner

An internal proxy can now be specified for access to cloud environments.


Create text files when creating new ones – now you can connect your document management system directly to Asset.Desk  

A new option allows you to define text files in Asset.Desk that are automatically created by the system when you create a new asset and/or rename an asset, and stored on a network path. File name and content can be parameterized with e.g. device ID, hostname, IP address. The purpose of these files is to send information about a newly created or renamed asset to a pre-system or third party system in order to trigger further actions there.


Improvement for removals and additional actions for object access

With the new version of our App Asset.Desk Mobile+ you can book devices and other objects into a warehouse quickly and efficiently via barcode scan.
If your warehouse is located in an area not covered by W-LAN, the bookings to the warehouse are stored offline in the app and then synchronized with the Asset.Desk database.

The Storage Room Settings in the Asset Desk Manager allow you to define whether the cost center should be changed, installed software – if available – deleted and/or the person responsible for the asset should be removed.


Asset.Desk Mobile+ for Windows 10

The APP Asset.Desk Mobile+ will also run on Windows 10 (by the end of the week) and supports the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The APP can be downloaded free of charge from the  Microsoft Store to the Windows 10 device, e.g. to a Surface Notebook or other Windows 10 end devices and PCs.



Furthermore, Asset.Desk 8.10.4 offers many small improvements and more performance.

We wish you success and joy with the new version!
Your FCS Team


FCS customers with an Asset.Desk support contract can now download the new version free of charge in our download area.
You do not have a support contract and want to purchase the new version or have questions?

Our sales team will be happy to advise you:

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