What's new? 

At a glance:

Workflow management:

  • No more double work: Duplicate workflows 
  • Making complex things simple: Workflow within the workflow
  • Get personal: Individual mail notifications
  • Something for the eyes: New, print-friendly design of the workflow reports

Adjustments in the ticket:

  • Asset data without Asset.Desk: Manual import of asset data via CSV interface
  • To the point: Central editing of keywords
  • A process is delayed: Request a change in due date
  • Improve reporting scheme: Categories now also for ticket types


Take a closer look at our features:  

 Workflow management:  

No more double work: Duplicate workflows 

From now on you can easily duplicate existing workflows completely. This is good if you have similar flows with small differences. You then do not always have to create the twin workflows individually, but can simply make small changes to the copied workflow. This function accelerates your work processes many times over, since you can fall back on an already existing, well thought-out and functioning workflow framework.

Making complex things simple: workflow within a workflow

With the HEINZELMANN 5.35 you can use existing workflows as a module and embed them in workflows as sub-processes. The use of one workflow within another simplifies the simulation of complex work processes in service management, because each individual step does not have to be redefined at great expense. A practical example: The complex "New employee" workflow only has to be defined once, after which it can be easily embedded in a new workflow with the existing activities.

Get personal: Individual mail notifications

From now on, mail notifications can be individually designed and adjusted from within the workflow. Determine for yourself which notifications your customer receives when creating a ticket and, for example, greet them personally when confirming their action.

Something for the eyes: New, print-friendly design of the workflow report

We have revised the workflow reports for you. With the new version, the format has been adjusted and a printer-friendly design has been created.


 Adjustments in the ticket: 

Asset data without Asset.Desk: Manual import of asset data via CSV interface

The data of your assets can now be edited manually and without Asset.Desk imported into the HEINZELMANN via a CSV interface. For example, Excel inventory lists and any inventory systems can be connected. You simply click on "Import" and you will then receive a ready-made Excel list that you can use as a guide. After you have completed the list, you can easily upload it to the HEINZELMANN.

To the point: Central editing of keywords

If you could already tag your tickets with tags, the latest version even suggests tags as soon as you start typing. A list can then be used to evaluate how many tickets were submitted for which keywords. You can use it to reference different tickets to a specific meeting, for example.


A process is delayed: requesting a due date change

It's not always easy to change a due date... Depending on your organizational structure and the settings of the HEINZELMANN, changes to the due date of a ticket can now also be requested from the contact entered. He will receive a message as soon as you have specified an extension of the time, for example. This ensures, for example, that the registered clerk is always up to date or that the boss can question delays.

Improve reporting scheme: Categories now also for ticket types

From now on, categories can not only be linked to user groups, but also to ticket types. This makes the HEINZELMANN even more flexible and opens up new areas of application. In general, it is now possible to create several categories in a single step, which above all saves time. All category-specific specifications, eg for cost groups or escalation, are then adopted for all new categories.



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