Building all an in all IT asset management

The organization of IT asset management should listen to certain rules. It is important to complete every phase step by step and not to begin with the third stage before the first and second is finished.

  1. Composition of a consolidated inventory database: Validation, localization, and recording of the actual state of all IT assets, automatic stocktaking and labeling of the assets
  2. IT asset management: Linking assets to organizational information, commercial data, costs and contracts in one ITAM database
  3. Software licenses management in accordance with software Asset management (SAM) including a software catalog in consideration of different metrics and license models
  4. Documentation and historical management of IT assets relates to organizational movements and cost development from procurement to disposal (IT lifecycle).
  5. Supplemental to the CMDB as a basis for a holistic IT Management
  6. Step-by-step integration of other IT management processes, like procurement, sales, helpdesk, service management, software deployment, human resources, and supply chain management
  7. Internal invoicing of all IT department services and demonstration of their added value to the company’s success.

Our product Asset.Desk supports you right from the beginning or at any desired phase. Its modular character and the open data basis predestine the software as a multi-solution for small and medium-sized companies. Every important part of successful IT management can be represented by modules of the FCS Desk Suite or combined with front- and backend third-party systems like SAP, for example.

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