Powerful Service Desk
functional, flexible and process-oriented

The HEINZELMANN Service Desk is a full-service management system which supports employees in organizing and processing inquiries, problem cases or requirements within the company. Often these are inquiries to an IT department, but HEINZELMANN is basically suitable for all types of inquiries or requests that have to be processed, decided and completed in a defined process.


Platform independent web application (On Premise)
or in the cloud

The HEINZELMANN Service Desk offers functions for recording faults, errors, service requests or tasks in service and error tickets. The modular structure and the open structure help every company to map individual processes and needs without strongly influencing familiar workflows – from IT support to facility management, all service processes can be mapped.

HEINZELMANN has a high self-service share and increases your efficiency, process quality and profitability.

HEINZELMANN supports you with different requirements!
– One solution, many fields of application –

Ticket System

  • Simple standard ticketing solution
  • Recording and management of requests (IT department as well as all requests that have to be processed, decided and closed in a defined process)
  • Automated and structured processing and solution
  • Easy management of tickets via different ticket functions


  • SPOC for IT Support
  • Tracking solution for all incoming incidents
  • Automated ticket tracking, routing and email notifications
  • Basic incident and problem management
  • Problem-solving and escalation procedures
  • Management of the knowledge database
  • Compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Self-Service Options for End Users

Service Desk

  • SPOC for all IT areas/applications/ business processes
  • Effective error analysis and systematic task distribution
  • Support in compliance with service level management agreements
  • Self-Service Catalog
  • Integration with CMDB, Asset Discovery and Asset Management

Customer Care

  • Can also be used for other areas, such as facility management or human resource planning
  • Capture of all customer interactions
  • Immediate and automated response and fulfillment of customer requests
  • Different competence levels and process orientation (ITIL)
  • Evaluation system for direct feedback on support and support quality
  • Comprehensive reporting for reliable billing of services rendered

IT Service Management

  • ITIL Process Templates
  • Monitoring and management of business services/IT services
  • Automated workflows for recurring processes



  • Create Tickets
  • View and edit tickets
  • Search for tickets
  • View and create Knowledgebase entries
  • Save special tasks in a watch list
  • Push-Notifications: Active information about new
    tickets, escalation, changes etc.

Free available for iOS and Android


Overview of the range of functions


Process individualization

  • Individual allocation of rights through open group concept
  • Free concept for user groups and rights
  • Process masks can be extended by user-defined fields
  • Map of internal and external communication
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to groups, roles, and persons
  • Flexibly configurable display of tickets and tasks
  • workspace for user and supporter freely modelable
  • User-specific dashboard as start page (also for not logged in users)
  • Comprehensive search functions and individual views in the ticket list

Service quality

  • Tracking of special tickets through watchlist / knowlegdebase
  • E-mail notifications about ticket status to support and notifier (individually controllable)
  • Actions triggered by process steps
  • Workflows can be displayed graphically
  • Automatic ticket escalation in several definable steps according to wait time, due date or category
  • Prioritization and deferral of tickets
  • Individual satisfaction and quality surveys
  • Adjustment of the design to the individual CI of the company
  • Design of tickets and reports according to personal requirements
  • Tickets can be used as proof of activity (subsequent ticket maintenance possible)
  • WYSIWYG editor

Interfaces / Input channels

  • Multi-channel approach
  • Telephony integration (TAPI)
  • Input channels: Self Service Portal, e-mail interface, Call In Support
  • Active Directory – interface for user import and rights assignment via AD grouping
  • User registration possible by simple data upload from CSV files. Alternatively: transfer of employee and
    Device data from Asset.Desk (when both solutions are used together)

Resource management

  • Assignment of tasks by skills and names
  • Assignment of individual orders


  • Native app for mobile devices
  • Offline function
  • Push-Notifications

Directory services 

  • LDAP based directory services
    (e.g. Novell E-Directory/ MS Active Directory)


  • Standard reports / out of the box: e.g. number of incidents
  • Reports can be created according to own requirements
  • Drill-down function: detailed display of aggregated data
  • Specific Dashboard

Introduction into business processes

  • Flexible rights and category system
  • Short implementation times
  • Low development costs
  • Problemless Updates
  • Fast ROI
  • ITIL-compliant


  • Ticket entry by employees and/or supporters
  • Ticket entry and processing via e-mail
  • Multi-level ticket categorization
  • Ticket assignment among supporters possible
  • Use in the company or as support portal for customers

All advantages at a glance:

  • The use as a classic helpdesk for the call-in service is just as possible as the provision as a web portal for direct access by internal and/or external customers
  • HEINZELMANN offers classic processes for IT Service Management (ITSM) and can also support modules for Customer Service Management, Facility Management, HR Management or Project Management
  • ITIL processes can easily be mapped by ticket types
    • According to your service management approach “Incidents, Feature Requests, Bugs, Workshop Tickets, Customer Requests” etc., these can be created with your own masks and user-defined fields
  • All emails/information and communications about a ticket can be structured automatically and are clearly visible under the respective ticket number
  • Files and documents, e.g. PDF documents, can be assigned to a ticket
  • HEINZELMANN allows you to track who made which changes/additions to a ticket at any time (history/version management)
  • Printing of a ticket including ticket communication possible
  • Simple (automatic) marking / highlighting of problem solutions
  • link related tickets via comfortable search function
  • Summary of Tickets – Multiple tickets can be assigned to a parent master ticket
  • Typical functions such as assigning tickets to editors or accepting a ticket can be performed quickly with a few clicks
  • Completed tickets can be opened again
  • External employees/customers can be made available to HEINZELMANN
  • Prefabricated text modules (e.g. signature etc.)
  • Expense management/time recording: The time required to process a ticket can be recorded and evaluated
  • Error messages from other IT systems (software or hardware) can be automatically converted to tickets – on the basis of the supplied information it is possible to make automatic assignments (e.g. priority, processor)
  • Tickets can be created and edited via web forms
  • Operation is simple and intuitive (no extensive user training required)
  • The ticket creator is provided with a customizable web form for ticket entry
  • Ticket processors can capture tickets comprehensively based on forms (e.g. for a telephone call to support)
  • Variably adjustable user interfaces and personalized entry pages are available for ticket creators and ticket processors. Each user can design the start screen, his ‘dashboard’, as well as his ticket list or the detailed view of his ticket individually.
    • Ticket creators see “their” tickets with current status
    • Ticket editors see your assigned tickets (their “queue”) and a list of new unassigned tickets
  • All common web browsers (workstation installations are not required) and mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) are supported
  • Multilingualism: German and English
  • Automatic creation of a ticket on email receipt to a central support email address
  • Machine notification of the customer about receipt and processing status of the request, including a ticket number
  • Automatic e-mail notifications on receipt of a ticket, acceptance by a processor, suggested solutions and when closing the ticket
  • Collecting the e-mail communication for a ticket in a complete ticket process
  • Questions from the customer/ticket issuer via e-mail are possible and are automatically assigned to the respective ticket
  • Autonomous recognition/assignment of e-mail senders to lookup information (telephone number, service level, etc.)
  • The responsible agent will be informed of incoming replies from the customer
  • Support for multiple inboxes (support1@firma.com, support2@firma.com …)
  • Use of ticket system by external customers via e-mail possible
  • Reminders for upcoming maturities

Managed Field Types:

  • Title, description, reporter, status, category, ticket number, processing time, due date, completed on, processor, support team, attachments, priority, request type, service classification, response times
  • Releases/Approvals: Tickets with a higher processing effort, for example change requests, must be able to go through a release/approval process if necessary. Individual approval/release processes can be mapped in HEINZELMANN.
  • Solution identification: Solved and completed tickets provide the basis for knowledge management. Solutions to a problem can be identified and easily found.
  • Cost obligation/cost absorption: The provision of services to customers or internal departments may be subject to a charge. Such costs can be displayed in the HEINZELMANN.
  • Reactivation of closed tickets: Tickets will be logged automatically and can be reactivated
  • Accept/Reject a ticket: Accepting and rejecting tickets is possible
  • Customer/user data: Information about the user can be automatically assigned to a ticket from the Active Directory

Fields for editing notes/communication:

  • Title: Heading for the note. You can enter and display as many notes per ticket as you like
  • Description: multiple text lines
  • Contact us: Possibility to send an entered note automatically by e-mail to the creator or a third party
  • Activity: freely configurable selection
  • Time units: Recording of expenses/activity allocation
  • Automatic notification of support staff in case of ticket receipt, assignment, queries etc. The corresponding texts are configurable
  • The reporter and/or the processor will be informed via e-mail about changes in the ticket
  • New requests/tickets can be conveniently assigned to an employee
  • Editors can view, edit and accept all tickets at any time
  • An escalation function makes it possible to automatically forward tickets to an escalation level, if necessary, if certain conditions are fulfilled (e.g. “completion by” date expired, no reaction within agreed reaction time…)
  • Resubmission function
  • Cooperation in the support team
    • Automatic notification of all support employees for new tickets
    • Clear display of which tickets are assigned to which agents
    • at any time traceable what was processed by whom in a ticket and when

The system enables easy to configure evaluations and provides reports:

  • Tickets can be searched by any parameters such as customer, processor, category or search terms
  • Full text search
  • Search for tickets to specific customers
  • Search for captured fields/categories
  • Tickets that are assigned to the current user
  • Tickets by categories
  • Tickets by status
  • Average response times
  • Open-to-processed ticket ratio
  • Processed tickets per customer
  • Graphic evaluations (bars/cake diagrams) – configurable
  • Controlling evaluations, e.g. for further calculation of services (only in combination with Asset.Desk)
  • Entries in the system can be used as knowledgebase in the future, alternatively a new knowledgebase article can be created from tickets
  • HEINZELMANN has the ability to create KPIs. For example, how many tickets are resolved per day/week/month, closed tickets vs. open tickets, identifying peaks, … (only in combination with Asset.Desk)
  • Sorting according to several criteria is possible. For example, you can see at a glance to which customer open tickets are assigned, which of them are urgent, when they were created and until when they are to be solved
  • Export of ticket statistics for external evaluation
  • Simple authorization control
  • User logon accounts are managed centrally via the Active Directory
  • Groups of users (possible “reporters”) are actively managed in Active Directory. The system recognizes this assignment and assigns corresponding system permissions (creating tickets, displaying an individual “My Tickets” overview page)
  • A user (if authorized) can see/edit all tickets
  • For reporting purposes, a group of evaluators may be defined
  • HEINZELMANN can also be used by external users (customers) via e-mail
  • Tickets can easily be exported for outsiders
  • Customer management:
    Customer data can be recorded and managed in the system:

    • via the Active Directory – interface for user import and rights assignment via AD grouping
    • User registration through simple data upload from CSV files possible
    • Alternatively, the employee and device data can be managed from a third-party system such as Asset.Desk and are automatically available in the ticket system
  • Telephony support:
    • Comfortable rapid recording of incoming telephone support incidents

HEINZELMANN can be used for IT asset management in conjunction with the FCS Asset Desk solution.

  • Enables device-specific error reporting and customer, device-, cost-center and employee-specific recording of support expenses
  • The service management is directly linked to the corporate values
  • In addition, the information from the HEINZELMANN database is available for access by other management procedures
  • Own evaluations can easily be created
  • The entry page for ticket processors or ticket creators can be individually designed
  • Catalogues/Categories/Master data can be maintained from a central location
  • The definition of own workflows is made possible
  • Forms for ticket entry are flexibly adaptable
  • Company-internal fields/attributes can be added easily
  • The names for tickets and fields are administratively adjustable
  • User-defined fields allow the capture/structuring of tickets:
    • can be created independently for each ticket type
    • Allows individuality in the ServiceDesk
    • Customer-specific mapping of various service processes
  • Maintained adjustments are retained for updates

Try HEINZELMANN free of charge or buy directly

The price for our HEINZELMANN solution depends on the supporters/employees who process your tickets. HEINZELMANN costs only 995€ in the initial version with three supporter licenses incl. one administrator. Please contact us, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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