Comprehensive Software Asset Management
License management with Asset.Desk

Ensure IT compliance and reduce license costs

With the Asset.Desk License Management you always get an up-to-date overview of your license inventory and the use of your licenses. You can react immediately to any over- or under licensing to achieve the necessary compliance with your software suppliers!

Gain transparency in your organization about your IT

Keep an eye on which software products are in use in your company – on devices, in the data center, on virtualized servers or in the cloud.

Hold the overview and
save yourself unnecessary costs

Whether full version, rental extension or maintenance – always keep track of your license costs.

Prepare yourself optimally for manufacturer audits

Simply keep an eye on license inventory and requirements and proactively save costs and minimize risks.

Asset.Desk 100% Certified by KPMG

The independent auditing company KPMG has audited the Asset Desk and certified it with the “SAM Tool Assessment”. This confirms that Asset.Desk meets the requirements for comprehensive software license compliance and the requirements of the Software Alliance: “Processes, methods and technologies of Asset.Desk – Version 8.x comply with and adapt the requirements set by the license terms and conditions of Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk and relevant license metrics of other major software publishers.”

Image of the individual license landscape
and all common license models:

  • User and client licensing
  • Single, volume and enterprise license
  • CAL models
  • Server licensing

Exact license assignment of:

  • individual devices,
  • users or
  • processors

Active Directory Assignment

Software can be assigned to Active Directory users or clients.
With the Active Directory CAL assignment, the correct assignment of user or Device CAL to active devices or employees of an AD group or -OU in Asset.Desk can be automatically controlled.

Contract management for the license area

  • By linking software licenses, cost centers, computers, and contracts, you can create the basis for license pricing and active software asset governance.
  • By using contract management for the license area, the validity of the licenses is automatically checked against the contract data.
  • Underlicensing and the associated risks can be identified early on.

Lifecycle Management of licenses

  • You can also keep an eye on your licenses with Asset.Desk over a longer period of time.
  • The modification history shows you at any time which license was added, deleted or modified on which device and by which user.
  • Asset.Desk covers the complete period of use of a software in your company: from the first introduction to second usage rights, and the final decommissioning and deregistration of existing licenses.

License management for software subscriptions in the cloud

  • With the Cloud Scanner, you can access your purchased license plans, software products, and licensed user accounts from Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud and the G Suite by Google.
  • You always see the current status of your software subscriptions with the number of total licenses, free and assigned licenses directly in Asset.Desk.
  • With the licensed user accounts, the license management can automatically assign catalogs and licenses for the software subscriptions to the employees in Asset.Desk.
  • Newly licensed users are automatically provided with catalog and license, for deleted user accounts in the cloud catalog and license are withdrawn from Asset.Desk employees.
  • So the licenses of your software subscriptions in the cloud are always exactly included in the license balance of Asset.Desk.

Office 365

The cloud scanner always retrieves the current license plans you have subscribed to, the available services and the assigned authorized user accounts from the Office 365 cloud. Asset.Desk also shows you how many total licenses and how many free licenses still exist in your software subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Again, the cloud scanner retrieves the software products you have purchased, applications and services included, and the associated authorized user accounts from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Asset.Desk also gives you an overview of the total and free cloud licenses of your software subscription.

G Suite by Google 

The cloud scanner always retrieves the current license plans you have subscribed to, the available services and the assigned authorized user accounts from the Office 365 cloud. Asset.Desk also shows you how many total licenses and how many free licenses still exist in your software subscription.

License management with Asset.Desk

Function overview:

  • The entire portfolio of installed software products is automatically analyzed and scanned via the Asset Desk Manager.
  • Software applications that have not been captured by the automatic “scan” can be added or maintained manually.
  • Allocation periods, upgrade and downgrade rights can be considered as well as the standard metrics of the software or user-defined metrics.
  • It is also possible to consider test licenses, backup licenses, bundle licenses or licenses with secondary usage rights.
  • You can also use Asset.Desk to optimize the management of concurrent licenses, bundle licenses, OEMs, system builders, data centers and many other license models and types according to your specific needs.
  • You can determine yourself which license models you want to map. How to get your personalized license management.
  • Catalogue the software types and versions used in your company according to your needs. Optimize the maintained license metrics and check the assignment to the purchased licenses. Summarize the software products catalogued with Asset.Desk to obtain a complete overview of the software subject to license.
  • You decide how detailed you want to collect license information and process it according to the installed systems.
  • Result is the license balance in Asset.Desk, which gives you an overview of the assigned licenses and shows, for example, where no license has yet been assigned and whether there are still enough free licenses available.
  • This gives you an overview of the opportunities and risks arising from license management in your company at all times.
  • Shows you the current status of license management in your company at a glance at any time.
  • Make detailed analysis options possible.
  • Informs directly about possible risks and potential savings -> quick and targeted response to compliance problems.
  • Bar and pie charts show you the most important key figures and the status of the software mapping.
  • “Top Risk View” shows which software vendors require action.
  • The risk area informs you about financial problems, which you can localize in detail via the license overview and then fix.
  • The display of the top-installed catalogs indicates which software products requiring a license are installed most frequently in your system.
  • Intuitive drilldown options provide deeper insight into the respective data situation and key figures based on the standard reports.

Complete Software Asset Management Tool,
which you can use at all levels of the SAM pyramid
can support.

Do you need an integrated software asset management system that maps all standard licensing models and metrics and prepares you for a license audit by Microsoft or the Software Alliance? We offer you our KPMG-certified LicenseMaster Edition!

Additional modules:

Online Softwarecatalog

You don’t feel like manually maintaining the software catalogue or software mapping?

Application Metering

Want to know when a particular software application was last opened or how many times that software application has been in use since it was installed?

License agreements

Do you want to find out which licenses were procured under which contract and what the terms and conditions of renewal are?


License management with Asset.Desk

  • Asset.Desk provides a powerful software inventory that shows which software is installed on which device.
  • The software has a software catalog with the most important / licensed software products (these must be linked with the installed software (mapping)).
  • Provides a meaningful license balance that clearly displays over- and underlicensing and can be used to react as quickly as possible.
  • Asset.Desk is a comprehensive SAM tool with which all software models including metrics, secondary usage rights, allocation deadlines etc. can be mapped.
  • The administration of software subscriptions in the cloud is simplified many times over. All information is mapped in one system, which enables central management of the complete inventory, all licenses and contracts in Asset.Desk.

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Asset.Desk can be tested free of charge at any time. You are welcome to request a non-binding offer or a personal online demonstration.

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