License Management

Legal security and cost savings

In many companies, software license management is neglected or considered unimportant. There are opportunities for considerable savings as well as risks for impending audits.

Because sub-licensing is detected, it can be not only expensive but also damaging for the company. In the same instance, over-licensing or non-deployed software will result in unnecessary additional costs or idle capital.


IT asset and license management software products help to keep track of installed software. The software installed on the clients can be easily read out and identified via the network or the IP address.

Using software mapping and filters, the assignment of several software products to a generic term (catalog entry) is made possible and a software catalog is created.


  • Cataloging your software
  • Clear software and license inventory
  • Presentation of over- and undercover
  • A basis for the long-term planning of license purchases
  • Interface function for asset management
  • Proof of software compliance

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