Additional Modules

Vulnerability Management

The new module Install.Desk Vulnerability Management detects the critical security gaps in your IT. Vulnerable clients and the vulnerable software in your organization are automatically identified. The system suggests strategies and fixes for vulnerabilities and provides fast and targeted solutions through Install.Desk software distribution routines.

Install.Desk Vulnerability Management helps the administrator to set automatic response routines through installable jobs and packages and eliminate risks using CVSS and CVE-certified policy recommendations.

We “collect” the worldwide known vulnerabilities (CVE = Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) together with the relevant software centrally on our server and compare them regularly with Install.Desk via a web service. This way, your installation of Install.Desk automatically keeps up to date with the reported vulnerabilities.

> Install.Desk’s new vulnerability management module helps you identify critical device security vulnerabilities, set automated jobs, and eliminate risks through CVSS and CVE-certified policy recommendations.

Comprehensive software scan

Install.Desk 4.0 provides a comprehensive software scan of all clients on the network. The installed software is automatically synchronized with the software affected by known security vulnerabilities (CVE), identifying the vulnerable clients in your organization.

Dashboard – always keep an eye on the security status

The dashboard always displays the most important information about the security status of the Windows clients. Graphing here shows the distribution of the relevant vulnerabilities and affected clients by severity, the most vulnerable software in the system, and the most vulnerable clients with the largest number of vulnerabilities. Install.Desk Vulnerability Management provides detailed information about the hotspots displayed via drill-down.

Quick fixes of vulnerabilities

The system offers different views to resolve identified vulnerabilities as quickly and easily as possible: Here you define and assign jobs and packages with the appropriate fixes to the respective vulnerabilities, connect these jobs and packages via distribution groups with the affected clients and finally create the Installation jobs to fix the vulnerabilities. The installation jobs will be carried out automatically as usual immediately, at the next restart or time-controlled.

Your advantage:

So the new, fully integrated vulnerability management in conjunction with the proven software distribution is your guarantee that you are constantly informed about security vulnerabilities. It is, therefore, the best basis for being able to react directly and act proactively.

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