Additional Modules

Thanks to the modular design and open structure of our HEINZELMANN, companies can map their individual processes and needs without strongly influencing familiar workflows. Of course, you also profit economically, because you only pay for the functions you need!


The additional module E-MAlL automatically generates a ticket in the HEINZELMANN ServiceDesk from an electronic inbox. Processing can also be carried out by e-mail.


Connects the HEINZELMANN with directory services. The users do not have to remember separate passwords and logins. Groups from the directory service serve as a basis for user groups.


Frequently incoming messages of the same origin and standardized requests can be provided as templates for all or specific user groups.


Connection of the telephone system to the helpdesk. You can immediately see which contact is on the phone and which tickets are open for him or her or his or her organization.


Enables the creation of forms with individual fields. Tickets can be supplemented with individual fields.


Expands your helpdesk into a service management tool. Lay the foundation for ITIL-compliant work and comprehensive evaluations of your services.


Provides a convenient overview of resource, task and schedule planning and device reservations (in conjunction with Asset.Desk).


Enables you to map requests within a project. Combines project-related tickets and allows you to maintain and manage projects and control project costs.


It allows a comprehensive and individual evaluation of your helpdesk and service management based on all database tables.


Recurring processes or standard processes can be defined and then run automatically and quickly.


Data of your assets can be imported manually (and without Asset.Desk) via a CSV interface into the HEINZELMANN very easily. Thus, for example, Excel inventory lists and any inventory systems can be connected.


Makes an agile management of projects and plans possible by using the modern Scrum approach.


Enables the integration of ticket masks into an existing website and allows us to process the generated tickets directly in the HEINZELMANN.

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