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We have a solution for all requirements!

Ideal for any size of company, regardless of industry > > More than 150 companies already use the HEINZELMANN. 

Process individualization

  • Individual assignment of rights thanks to open user group concept
  • Creation of own categories and assignment to user groups
  • Process masks can be extended by user-defined fields
  • Mapping of internal and external communication
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to groups, roles and persons
  • Flexibly designable interface of tickets and ticket lists
  • Workspace for users and supporters can be freely modeled
  • User-specific dashboard as start page (also for non-logged-in users)
  • Extensive filter functions in the ticket list

Quality of service

  • Integrated knowledge base / knowledge database with reaction systems
  • SLA Management
  • E-mail notifications about ticket status to support and notifiers (individually controllable)
  • Automatic triggering of actions by process steps in workflows
  • Workflow management: workflows can be displayed graphically
  • Automatic ticket escalation in several definable steps according to waiting time, due date or category
  • Prioritization and deferral of tickets
  • Tracking of special tickets through watch lists
  • Individual satisfaction and quality surveys
  • Adaptation of the design to the individual CI of the company
  • Design of tickets and reports according to personal requirements
  • Tickets can be used as proof of activity (subsequent maintenance of tickets possible)
  • What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor

Interfaces/input channels

  • Input channels: self service portal, e-mail interface, call-in Support
  • Telephony integration (TAPI)
  • Multi-channel approach (self-service portal or e-mail)
  • Active Directory interface for user import and rights assignment via AD grouping
  • User registration possible by simple data upload from CSV files. Alternative: Transfer of employee and device data from Asset.Desk
  • Manual import of asset data via CSV interface

Ressource management

  • Assignment of tickets by task areas, categories or directly to one or more agents or groups
  • Manual or automated allocation of orders


  • Native app for mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • Offline function
  • Push notifications
  • Directory services
  • Integration of LDAP-based directory services (e.g. Novell E-Directory / MS Active Directory)


  • Standard reports / out of the box: e.g. number of incidents
  • Reports can be created according to your own requirements
  • Drill-down function: detailed display of aggregated data

Introduction to business processes

  • Flexible rights and category system
  • Short implementation times
  • Low development costs
  • Easy updates
  • Rapid ROI
  • ITIL-compliant / ISIS12-compliant
  • Own customizing


  • Ticket recording by employees and / or supporters
  • Ticket registration and processing via e-mail
  • Categorization of the tickets on several levels
  • Ticket allocation among supporters possible
  • Multiple support levels mappable
  • Use in the company or as support portal for customers
  • Use in the Intra- or Internet

Individual assignment of rights through open group concept:
By assigning users to user groups, you determine who is allowed to log on to the system, open, edit, change, defer, prioritize or close tickets.
Classification of tickets through freely selectable categories:
You can specify the categories yourself for smooth classification of tickets and process-oriented further processing.
Comprehensive escalation concept:
You determine when a ticket should be escalated (according to wait time, due date or individually according to the importance of the ticket).
Flexible, easy-to-build knowledgebase:
You quickly and easily create a knowledgebase from instructions, completed bug fixes, etc.
Integrated cost function for recording processing times:
Record processing times and charge them with hourly rates per category or agent. This provides you with a solid basis for your controlling.
Comprehensive, individual reporting:
At a glance, you can see which user needs the helpdesk how often, which questions are asked very frequently, and how high the effort for individual users has been. Access to ticket details is possible at any time from any report.
Internal communication via individual inbox portal:
You can make important messages visible directly when calling HEINZELMANN. Again, individual permissions can be set here. Not every user must be allowed to read every message.
WYSIWYG editor for tickets and messages (What You See Is What You Get):
Highlight important text sections, e.g. by using bold font.
Customizable dashboard as start page:
Even without logging in to the helpdesk, for example, knowledgebase entries, links, and other information can be shared on a specifically designable dashboard.
Individual design of ticket details:
You design the ticket workspace individually. All areas can be moved or hidden.
Intuitive work:
The classification of tickets in the dashboard is visualized by clear pie charts. Column filters and various search options reduce your workload.
Allow or add additional people to co-decide:
With the “Decision Circle”, you can request individual decisions for processing steps of tickets from corresponding responsible persons. With the interested circle, additional persons can now be kept “up to date” on the status of a ticket.
Modern licensing concept:
At HEINZELMANN, only accounts for supporters are licensed. This keeps your costs manageable – no matter how many users you support.
Optimized for mobile devices

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