Contract management

Enables a detailed and holistic overview of all company contracts.
With reporting and compliance check!

In the contract, you quickly and easily connect to the employees, assets or software licenses to which the contract refers. In this way, contracts can also be linked to each other and, for example, assigned to framework agreements. In addition, Asset.Desk allows you to manage different types of contracts: purchase contracts, leasing contracts, maintenance contracts, mobile phone contracts, license contracts, subscription contracts and various other contracts depending on your business requirements.

Audit-proof and centralized contract management
with integrated role and authorization concept

The contract types can be supplemented at any time according to your operational requirements.
The centralized storage of referenced documents at a secure location in your infrastructure or in connection with a DMS provides you with audit-proof and centralized contract management. The program also provides comprehensive evaluation options that simplify forecasting and governance.
Through time restrictions and corresponding groupings and filters, you can see at a glance which contracts are due, are due for termination and which payments you need to plan for which contract partners, e.g. in the coming quarter. This allows the tool to be used for cash flow forecasts, for example. The memo function allows you to store all the information that is important to you individually for each contract.
All access and processing rights are regulated by the integrated role and authorization concept. This allows you to control access to contracts in a targeted manner and thus protect, for example, critically classified documents from unauthorized viewing.

All important contract data at a glance: Terms, responsibilities, guarantees, cost centers, and much more

  • In the central contract dialog, you can easily link documents to your contracts – either through central storage via Asset.Desk or by integrating your document management system.
  • All changes in contract management are recorded in an audit-proof manner.
  • The contract list and other flexible reports provide overviews of resubmissions, total costs, periodic costs, deadlines, etc. and thus facilitate planning, management and reporting in contract management.
  • The memo function allows you to store all the information that is important to you individually for each contract.

Cash flow Management: Clear sales and cost planning

  • Shows you the expected financial requirements in the course of the coming quarter or year, for example, on the basis of the customer and vendor contracts stored.
  • This way you will always be informed about pending payments and income.
  • financial gaps can be identified in good time. In this way, you maintain an overview of your financial requirements over the selected period of the cash flow analysis.
  • In addition, terms and contract periods can be maintained individually.
  • Analog to the vendor contracts in which you define expenditures, you can define which revenues you receive periodically for customer contracts.

Budget and budget evaluations: Always informed

  • Simply define your budget with investment numbers, company code, and amounts in Asset.Desk and then assign budgets to the payment plans.
  • All payments are displayed for the respective budget.
  • This way, you are always informed whether the budget you have set is still sufficient or where it may already be exhausted.

Resubmission function: Remembers important appointments and deadlines

  • Informs you about important dates for your contracts, objects or guarantees at any time during the contract life cycle.
  • Optionally, the Asset.Desk Contract Management sends reminder e-mails to all contract managers or selectively only to the responsible processors.

Graphical calendar view: All appointments at a glance at any time

  • Whether day, week or month view, the view can be customized according to your needs.
  • Administrative reports allow you to manage contract durations, notice periods and responsibilities independently.

Evaluations: Overview of management costs and revenues

  • Enables quick overview of all important contract key figures such as costs or revenues, broken down by group, partner and cost center.
  • The reports themselves can be flexibly grouped or filtered.
  • All graphics can be exported to PDF and JPG formats.

Mobile contract management with the FCS Contract App

All parties involved have access to the information they need at the push of a button, regardless of their location – including mobile access:
The app is available free of charge in conjunction with the Asset.Desk contract management for Android and iOS devices.

  • Data such as contract partner, duration or cost center can be quickly and easily viewed on your mobile device.
  • Resubmission function, cash flow management and calendar function keep you always up to date on the expected financial requirements, notice periods, due payments and upcoming deadlines and dates.

Asset.Desk Contract Management Screenshots

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