License Management

Online Software Catalog

Asset.Desk software catalog

With the central software catalog, FCS always offers the most important, licensed catalog products including the recognition rules for online retrieval from Asset.Desk.
For example, e.g. the Microsoft Office family and the Adobe products.
As a user of this service, you no longer need to manually create your own software catalog in Asset.Desk.
In addition, you save yourself the effort to maintain all the recognition rules for catalog products (mapping).

This allows you to focus more on the essential tasks of license management and have more time to maintain licensing models, determine metrics, or ascertain needs.
FCS takes care of the catalog products for you centrally!

And this is how it works

Your local Asset.Desk installation is linked to our central catalog server via a web service and receives the current status of the software catalog including the recognition rules.
You are taking those products from the Asset.Desk central catalog, which are used in your company. FCS permanently extent and updates the central software catalog.

In your local Asset.Desk installation, you can see at a glance which software product is available and which catalog software, you have already acquired in Asset.Desk, requires an update.
The catalog products in your license management are always complete and up-to-date as well as the installed software always correctly assigned.

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