License Management

Application Metering

Handles your software costs

The additional module „Application Metering“ allows you to perfectly plan your software costs and opens up remarkable saving potential regarding new software acquisitions and updates!

As Asset.Desk Application Metering answers all questions regarding the usage of software applications, e.g.:

  • When has a software application been opened last?
  • How often has this application been used since its installation?
  • Which working stations use this software and which ones do not need it at all?

Identify usage peaks and gaps at a glance

Asset.Desk Windows Agent records all process starts on the clients and transfers this information to the central Asset.Desk console. Information is immediately available as tailor-made reports and graphics to detect unneeded software and to identify usage peaks and gaps at a glance.

Essential for your software license management:

The module Application metering sent the user information directly to your license management. Here it is possible to allocate unused software with few clicks to other devices or employees. Redundant licenses can be sold or you do not extend them. The usage of software via Terminal Server is recorded too and can therefore be part of your analysis.

Are you interested in license management with Asset.Desk and the matching module?
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