Lifecycle Management

Mobile Device View

Have an overview of all mobile devices

The Asset.Desk Mobile Device View gives you an overview of the equipment, operating status, and allocation of the mobile devices used in your company.

All mobile devices are bundled together in a tree view in the manager, which was created specially for mobile devices. Detailed hardware and software data is displayed for each mobile device, in particular manufacturer and model information, CPU, battery, operating system, and installed apps. The data of the mobile phone provider and the IMEI number are also available.

If the Android or iOS scanner from FCS is installed on the mobile devices, the registered assets automatically report to the Asset.Desk Server with their hardware and software data. There the read-out data per end device are imported into the Asset.Desk database.

Targeted evaluations and views as well as detailed device data keep you informed about the status and usage of the mobile devices in your company at all times.


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