IT Order Management

Have an overview of all mobile devices

The Asset.Desk Mobile Device View allows you to manage the hardware and software data of your mobile devices.

The Asset.Desk manager provides in conjunction with the Mobile Device View, a complete overview of used mobile devices. The registered mobile phones – company owned or private – automatically log on with their hard- and software data to Asset.Desk Server. Due to targeted evaluations, views and detailed device data, you are always well informed about the use and condition of mobile devices in your company.

Functions of IT sales management:

  • Creation of quotations, transfer to orders
  • Capture of orders for hardware and services
  • Documentation of deliveries to your customers
  • Provision of the customer commission in the goods issue
  • Creation of delivery notes and invoices at the push of a button
  • Preparation of recurring invoices e.g. for rents and projects
  • Capture of invoice corrections and credits
  • Printing and/or automatically sending all documents to your customers via e-mail
  • Detailed reporting about open, ongoing, completed and not received orders
  • Provision of pre-posted invoice data for accounting

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