With the Asset.Desk Lifecycle Management add-on module "Purchasing" you have a holistic offer, ordering and complaints system for IT assets and furniture at your disposal. Complete the lifecycle of your assets by managing them from the start with Asset Desk.

The master data management forms the basis. There you manage article, supplier and location information centrally and according to your desired information content.

Asset.Desk including full ordering

Beginning with the request for quotation, which you can create depending on the supplier and without obligation, the common thread runs through the IT purchasing of Asset.Desk away. You create supplier orders individually or transaction-related. Depending on your infrastructure, you can send the orders by e-mail, fax or post.

The order items are recorded based on the master data management mentioned at the beginning, from which the article number stored at the supplier as well as the list prices and packaging units are taken and transferred to the order. Alternatively, free text positions can also be added.

You confirm the receipt of your goods by posting the delivery receipt from the delivered item. This allows the corresponding number of assets to be generated directly in the system, e.g. B. the number of PCs ordered or the number of licenses ordered. If, contrary to expectations, a defective delivery occurs, you can create and track complaints about the order.

All generated documents are filed as a PDF in a directory structure based on the process.

Tenders to multiple suppliers

Tenders can be displayed in purchasing: Offers can be requested from a form, for example, from several suppliers at the same time.
At the touch of a button, the requests for quotations for the various suppliers can then be printed out and/or sent directly by email. The offer from the supplier who is awarded the contract can then be included in the order. The system adopts the correct item numbers and prices from the selected supplier. The price inquiries in purchasing are thus optimized and accelerated.


komXwork interface

Asset.Desk offers as optional add-on modulel a bidirectional interface to komXwork.

komXwork is an efficient document management software for modern administrations. komXwork ensures additional transparency and structure in the operational processes and is used for the electronic merging, archiving and administration of documents.

With the connection to komXwork, you can use all your electronic documents that you have in Asset.Desk generate and assign, save and manage centrally in komXwork. Documents are, for example, your requests for quotations, orders and delivery notes saved in PDF format, but also e-mails, letters, notes, images or any other files. This allows you to take advantage of the advantages that arise when you record and merge your documents in a structured filing system.

The management of documents in komXwork offers real added value and additional benefits to the operative inventory and management processes in Asset.Desk.

Together, the two building blocks enable Procurement and Configuration management the consideration of the complete lifecycle in the area of ​​configuration management.

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