Lifecycle Management
from the procurement to the disposal

Asset Desk Lifecycle Management supports you in all processes along the life cycle of an asset, whether IT asset or other fixed assets, from procurement to disposal.

Depict the entire asset lifecycle

Mapping the lifecycle from requirements through procurement, inventory and installation to disposal.

Merges all asset data

Merges all asset data from a commercial point of view (articles, contracts), technical point of view (inventory numbers, asset types) and organizational point of view (e.g. user).

Control and Compliance

Enables full control over required, existing and used assets as well as costs and compliance.

Macquisition and logs of moves

Removals of assets within your department or company building are recorded, logged and recorded in the respective asset history.

Handover and return documents

To document the transfer of assets to employees and their returns, the corresponding documents can be defined, printed and bound to the respective asset to document the signature. In addition, transfers and returns are recorded in the system.

Mobile inventory control via Mobile+ App

Lifecycle management also includes the initial capture of assets and the process of inventory control or physical inventory, which is supported by the Mobile+ app on the mobile device.

How many PC systems or company cars do we have in use?
Where are they and how are they equipped?

The Asset Lifecycle Answers:

Assets are objects of value that have a finite useful life:
Whether they are devices or software, the underlying cycle is the same. In life cycle management, assets are “accompanied” digitally:

  • from the procurement and plant in the system about the delivery to the user
  • possible removals during the life cycle, the return at the end of the life cycle
  • up to disposal .

All processes are documented and logged so that historical data on all asset movements and changes is available.

You have a specific goal for your lifecycle?

Commercial overview

Do you not only want to evaluate scan data and manage software and licenses, but you also want to keep track of the entire commercial aspects of your IT park. Is it important to you to keep commercial data and to label assets with inventory labels? We recommend the ITAM Edition.

Asset management

In addition to IT assets, would you like to inventory and manage furniture, machines, apparatus or fleet vehicles? Would you like to manage all fixed assets and tangible assets in your company in one system?
For this purpose we offer the EAM Edition for Enterprise Asset Management!


Your challenge is the mapping of the purchase of IT resources, software licenses, services, furniture and / or office supplies? We offer you the LifecycleMaster Edition!

Additional modules

  • Allows the management of employee and localization data.
  • Data can also be transferred from the Active Directory (module).
  • Basic forms: e.g. protocols for transfers/returns, evaluations and lists.
  • Provides an overview of all commercial data for all assets.
  • numberer for inventory numbers, contracts, etc.
  • Identification of all assets via Label printing .
  • Cost analysis for total costs, acquisition costs, intra-year costs, e.g. per service type, cost center, etc.
  • Evaluations for depreciation and leasing.
  • Manual activity allocation Assets or services (object books).
  • Automation of internal allocation processes via periodic activity allocation using price lists or cost templates.
  • Allocation of external costs via invoice import (e.g. mobile radio, printer leasing) with company codes and KST in customer project.
  • Enables the management of components (e.g. mouse, keyboard, toner…). Components (CIs) allow IT resources to be mapped more accurately and recorded in terms of costs.
  • Comprehensive ordering and complaints management for equipment, furniture, software licenses and components. Management of suppliers, purchasing groups, requests for quotations, price requests, orders and complaints in direct connection with the CMDB.
  • Bidirectional interface to komXwork as an optional add-on module.
  • Enables quotation creation, order processing / picking, delivery with voucher as well as invoicing via Asset.Desk.
  • The Asset.Desk Mobile Device View gives you an overview of the equipment, operating status and assignment of the mobile devices used in your company.
  • The powerful “Budget Control” module allows you to control all expenses and costs that accumulate at any point in Asset.Desk using predefined budgets.

The ideal helper for inventory: Asset.Desk Mobile+ App

Capture inventory directly:

  • Inventory new assets directly at goods receipt–> no loss of new assets
  • Label assets with an inventory label on the spot –> Early availability in Asset.Desk is enabled

Changes that you notice during the inventory are transferred to the Asset.Desk database.

Before completing the inventory, you can check the inventory result in a control list in Asset.Desk. When you complete the inventory, all changes are automatically posted to the database and the counted assets are stamped.

Inventory with RFID

The App Asset.Desk Mobile+ supports inventory via RFID and offers the integration of RFID scanners.

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