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IT Inventory!

Create the basis for the digitization of your IT and
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IT Inventory
of hardware

Inventory computers, notebooks,
servers, beamers, network components, printers,
monitors, mobile devices, peripherals and much more

IT Inventory
of software and licenses

Keep an overview of your licenses: Which licenses are outdated and which are still available? Use the included reporting function and much more to optimally prepare yourself for the next audit, because you know: Good preparation is half the battle!

of other assets

Inventory and manage not only your IT resources but also all other fixed assets (such as furniture, coffee machines, vehicle fleet or fire extinguishers).

IT Inventory
of virtual environments

Manage the hardware and software of your data center efficiently! Get all data about hosts, guest systems and storage structures with the inventory of environments such as vCenter (VMware and ESXi) and Hyper-V.

IT Inventory
of cloud resources

Get a complete view of the current status of your software subscriptions and resources in the cloud. Inventory resources from your MS Azure and Google Cloud. In addition, you can retrieve purchased license plans, software products and authorized users in the Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud.

of mouse, toner, keyboard etc.

Asset.Desk also lets you inventory and manage your peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse and toner.

Scanning without and with agent

The advantage of IT scanning without an agent is that no third-party software needs to be installed on the clients to read hardware and software data. The disadvantage: the method only detects systems that are accessible at the time of the scan run, i.e. which are in the company network and are switched on. A clear advantage of the scan method with agent is that it also captures systems that are switched off at the time of the time-controlled remote inventory, e.g. systems of employees who are in the home office or in the field. So generally for all those who are only irregularly logged into the company network. These workstations often fall through the cracks during agentless inventory. With a scanning agent on these clients, the scan is performed, for example, when the client is started. Therefore, it is recommended to control these devices with an agent-based inventory. The agent-based method is also more suitable for terminal servers that are monitored for license management via application metering.

Online, offline or even mobile!

Online inventory:
For different company locations

Online Inventory is ideal for the complete coverage of IT resources, even at different company locations with different networks.

Offline inventory:
For security relevant assets

Offline inventory is ideal for security-sensitive industries such as banks or mobile objects like laptops in ambulances. This is especially practical for devices that are not or only rarely in the central network. In this case, the inventory tool is installed on a USB stick and started directly from this stick on the respective computer.

Mobile inventory via App:
+ RFID and barcode

In addition to Asset.Desk, the Asset.Desk Mobile+ app is available. This supports inventory via RFID and enables the integration of RFID scanners.

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The advantages of IT inventory with Asset.Desk at a glance:

  • Agentless IT inventory rules out any intervention in your systems
  • Exclude lists for objects that should not be scanned automatically
  • Import external data such as mobile phone lists or add data manually
  • By means of automated time control you always have access to current data
  • Individual scan profiles for further details on individual scan runs
  • Via online connections you can completely record all company locations and customers

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