Provides a central inventory database
to manage all assets


Inventory of computers, notebooks, servers, beamers, network components, printers, monitors, mobile devices and peripherals and much more.

Software and license

Keep track of licenses. Incl. reporting functions for audits.

Cloud resources

Inventory resources in the cloud such as VMs, app services or software subscriptions.

Other Assets

Management of various assets (from the coffee machine to the vehicle fleet to the fire extinguisher)

All Assets are stored in a central inventor database
and are available to you in real time:

Many companies know what type and number of assets they have acquired, but they don’t know exactly how they are equipped and where they are located. However, this knowledge is the basis for efficient administration, helpdesk, facility management and value-added processes such as internal cost allocation or license management.

Number ranges

Inventory numbers can be adapted to your existing concept.

Groups and rights

Allows granular access rights to be assigned to each area of inventory management.


The Asset.Desk inventory database is open and can be easily integrated into existing corporate structures, e.g. via CSV operations or an optional REST interface.


An unlimited number of locations can be stored in the system.

Rooms and departments

Allows you to map your departmental structure. Objects can be assigned to company parts, locations, rooms, departments and employees on request.

Localization history

Movements of the assets can be documented directly on site via the management console or online via the Asset.Desk Mobile+ App. A detailed localization history can be created.

Make yourself a picture with the Asset.Desk Photo View

Visualize your buildings, rooms, equipment, or various other assets:

With the Asset.Desk Photo View, you can use photos to visualize your buildings, rooms, equipment, and furniture from your Asset.Desk database. The best way to capture the photos is quickly and easily via smartphone or tablet with our App Asset.Desk Mobile+, or you can copy existing photos to Asset.Desk by drag-and-drop.

The Photo View creates the basis for a virtual tour of the entire company – from building to room, from employees to devices and furniture! Enter a room and see its equipment. From the room view, click to view photos of a PC standing in the room, to its inventory data and back again. By marking objects on photos you can link e.g. employee information, object details or simply the neighboring room.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Administration of IT resources, or other fixed assets (furniture, vehicle fleet, etc.)
  • Overview pages with individual design for all object groups
  • Role-based user administration
  • Modern navigation via ribbon menus in “Office Style”
  • Different tree views through filter
  • CMDB on an open relational database (MS SQL server)
  • RDP server / terminal server capable
  • installation and modification of all devices en bloc or individually
  • Management of inspection badges: Specification of test dates, test methods (e.g. BGV A3), test periods etc. for the individual assets
  • “Photo View” for a virtual overview of buildings, rooms, employees and equipment

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