Performance capability

  • High performance
  • Safe operation
  • Service and maintenance guaranteed
  • Remote capability guaranteed


  • Ease of implementation/installation
  • Ease of use (usability) of the user interface (GUI, CLI)
  • High configurability
  • Documentation (manuals, explanations, knowledge base, etc.)



  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • SNMP
    • Extended values (V2/V3)
    • Network topology
    • Individual MIB definitions
  • Active Directory
    • Group Policies
    • Site structure
    • Domain structure
    • Permissions
    • Individual Active Directory classes
  • VMware
  • vCenter, ESXi-Hosts, VMs
  • Hyper-V
  • XenServer/Center
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Backup Exec
  • Veeam
  • Storage systems
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • DHCP Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • IGEL Thin Clients
  • Solaris Systems
  • Cloud environments:
    • MS Azure
    • Google Platform
    • Google Workspace
    • Office 365
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Hetzner Cloud
  • Mobile devices
    • Android
    • Chrome OS
    • iOS
  • IT assets import

Inventory possibilities

  • Scanning
    • With agent
    • without agent
  • Online inventory (for different company locations)
  • Offline inventory (for security-relevant assets)
  • Mobile inventory via app
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows 10
      • RFID
      • Barcode

Scanning configuration

  • Automatic
  • Time-controlled
  • On computer restart
  • After certain time

Non-IT devices

  • Non-IT assets and all tangible assets of the company
    (furniture, cars, machines, etc.)
  • Industry-specific equipment (e.g. medical equipment)


  • Can be fully integrated into existing IT structures
  • Integration of management and integration tools


  • Conformity with the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation
  • Plausibility check
  • Allocation of granular access rights


  • Reports
    • Numerous standard reports
      • Customizable
    • Ad hoc reports (e.g. on IT key figures and KPIs)
    • Report generator for own reports
  • Dashboard
    • Key figures at a glance, graphically displayed
  • History
    • Traceability of status changes and user changes
  • Localization history
    • Documentation of asset movements via the management console
      or via the Asset.Desk Mobile+ app on site
  • IT Service Reporting
    • With the integration of HEINZELMANN Service.Desk into Asset.Desk
  • Reporting for software installations and patch management
    • When combining Asset.Desk with the software distribution solution Install.Desk

Multi-client capability

  • Splitting according to company codes
  • Use of customer documentation


  • Object groups, object types, and objects (e.g. equipment and furniture)
  • Master data (e.g. locations, rooms, employees, departments)
  • Dependencies and assignments (tree structures)
  • Commercial data, guarantees
  • Contracts, licenses, documents in purchase and sales
  • Costs in object books, cost allocation, cost analysis
  • Transfers and returns
  • Extensions (comments, contracts, etc.)
  • Creation of IT concepts as templates
  • Standard reports
  • Integrated report designer
  • Hardware master sheets
  • Network plan
  • Routing plan
  • Active Directory OU Plan
  • Active Directory Site Plan
  • Active Directory Domain Plan
  • ER Diagrams
  • Microsoft Exchange plans
  • Physical IT infrastructure (racks, cabling)
  • Print and archive functions

Business integration

  • Locations
  • Organizational units
  • Department structures
  • Processes
  • Services
  • Mapping of dependencies
    • Objects can be assigned to company parts, locations, rooms, departments, and employees


  • Documentation of IT relationships
  • Rule-based recognition of relationships
  • License management
  • Communication paths
  • Authorization analysis


  • Creation of an individualized tree structure
    • Creation of master data groups (localization and organizational structure)
    • and text groups
  • Flexible branding
  • Individual adaptation (customizing) of dialogs, forms, and reports
  • Creation of individual IT assets (e.g. furniture)


  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • Photo View
    • Visualizes buildings, rooms, devices
  • Inventory plan
    • Allows to graphically recreate the equipment of the rooms themselves


  • Easy bulk editing – quickly and easily modify entire groups of assets
  • Grouping of assets / creation of sets
  • Logical grouping of assets according to individual needs
  • Different user groups for visibility, access, and editing restrictions
  • Flexibly expandable by any number of individual fields, detached from fixed-format defaults

Data exchange

  • Export formats
    • HTML
    • PDF
    • Excel
    • Others (Word, RFT, etc.)
  • Bulk import (CSV)
  • Database import/export
  • Simple import of existing records

Business / Commercial functions

  • Linking of technical and business data, company codes and cost centers, financing types, acquisition costs, guarantees, maintenance costs, depreciation, leasing, information on security, risk, protection status or DSGVO
  • Assignment of cost centers, locations, departments, employees, etc.
  • Complete lifecycle management: acquisition – operation – disposal/retirement of assets
  • Lending, handover and return of objects and inventory items
  • Software license management with certified license balance
  • Contract management with cash flow consideration
  • Cost analyses and cost allocations, TCO
  • Document management included (contracts, invoices, instructions, scans, etc.)
  • Number ranges (among other things, inventory numbers can be customized)

Supported languages

  • German
  • English



Price information:

From 6,00 € per asset / one time

Product Information:

Asset.Desk is modular expandable, i.e. you can compile or expand Asset.Desk according to your individual needs. The basic version always includes the scan as well as the creation and management of different types of devices. Our sales department will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Contact us for a custom quote or online presentation.

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Installed: Mac, Windows
Mobile: iOS, Android


Face-to-face, live via online presentation, webinars, documentation

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