Go Mobile! Always ready for asset management

With the App Asset.Desk Mobile+, all asset information is available to you anytime and anywhere. All you need is any standard smartphone or tablet with a current Android or iOS operating system! Windows is supported from version 10. Object data can be queried, captured and supplemented with photos and notes. In addition, you can document changes of assets in the operation “on the fly”. Inventories, goods receipts and much more can also be carried out conveniently with your mobile phone.

Enliven your assets!

Photos of objects taken with your smartphone’s or tablet’s camera can be synchronized directly with the Asset.Desk database, just like any changes you make. This not only makes it easier to identify your assets, but also allows you to visually document changes.

Enter inventory directly

Mobile asset management makes it easier to record your inventory for the first time. New assets can also be inventoried directly at goods receipt. In this way, new values are not “lost”, can be marked on the spot with an inventory label and are available in Asset.Desk at an early stage.

The ideal helper for inventory

You control your IT assets on the move and automatically synchronize them with the Asset.Desk database. You record on your mobile device which asset is located in which room and at which workstation. Changes that you notice during the inventory move to the Asset.Desk database. Before completing the inventory, you can check the inventory result in Asset.Desk in a control list. If you complete the physical inventory, all changes are automatically posted to the database and the counted assets are given a physical inventory stamp.


In addition to the inventory number, the RFID label and NFC sticker memories can store many other data such as model, serial number, date of purchase, warranty expiration or supplier. The radio tags automatically report to the RFID reader as soon as you get close to them. This saves time in inventory and offers enormous added value in day-to-day IT operations.

APP Asset.Desk Mobile+ supports inventory via RFID and already offers the integration of RFID scanners. A new feature is the integration of the powerful RFID reader RFID8500 from Zebra. Reader and APP are also connected to each other via Bluetooth standard.

Automatically dispose of inventory

The mobile can also be used to document the disposal at the end of the inventory life cycle. The devices can be scanned individually via barcode or scanned in groups to several devices via RFID.

Alternatively, Asset.Desk also supports mobile inventory with Windows Mobile-based devices such as PDAs or industrial scanners.

Important note: The prerequisite for Asset.Desk Mobile+ is the OData Gateway module (version 1.5).
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The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or for iOS devices in the Apple App Store.


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