Lifecycle management in Asset.Desk depict comprehensive opportunities to map the entire lifecycle of your assets.

Asset.Desk “accompanies” your assets, whether IT resources or furniture, from the entry in the system to the disposal. All changes regarding the assets are stored in histories and can be tracked. For transfers and returns, corresponding documents can be printed. The transfers and returns are recorded in the system. Removals of assets are also logged. The entry of a reason for the relocation may be required.

The disposal process with the printing of a document and the indication of a reason and a customer takes the asset from the operational stock and transfers it to the stock of the disposed objects.

Lifecycle management also includes the initial acquisition of assets, as well as the process of inventory control, or rather physical inventory, which is supported by the app Mobile + on the mobile device.

In addition, lifecycle management in Asset.Desk provides the following modules:

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