Commercial Data

Overview of all commercial data regarding all assets

With this module you get an overview of your commercial IT values – whether purchased, rented, leased, already written off or disposed of.
So, you always have an overview of the TCO of your IT park.
By using the inventory and asset numbers you can identify your assets at any time.
Purchase price and date, delivery note and invoice number, supplier information, type of financing and much more are essential points of asset management.
For example, purchasing and leasing equipment can be evaluated according to residual value or leasing expiry.
Numerous additional reports, including cost analysis, enable company-wide transparency.

Identification of all assets

In asset management, the inventory number is the unique identifier. The numbering tool from Asset.Desk helps you to create individual number codes. It also helps you to number your assets consecutively. It is supplemented by the print function for inventory tags. So you can prepare the inventory. It also supports, by the identification of assets, other processes such as helpdesk or facility management.
By the way, Asset.Desk supports barcode and RFID technology.

Cost analysis

IT services can be represented in Asset.Desk as service objects.
The “object book” function allows you to record all costs associated with a device, a software license, a furniture or an employee.
With Asset.Desk service and other costs can be managed and evaluated cost center-related.
For example, in IT asset management, software licensing costs can also be allocated automatically and proportionately to cost centers.
Graphical and tabular evaluations for cost analysis according to the acquisition, in-year or total costs provide information about the cost distribution within the company. It also allows access to the individual “causer”.
You can see at a glance which department generated most of the help desk costs in the past quarter.
All reports and cost analyses can be exported and printed directly.
In this way, you create the basis for a detailed cost allocation to cost centers and accounting areas.

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