IT Sales Management

The IT sales management module in Asset.Desk allows you to create quotations,
orders, and invoices and to document deliveries.

You will receive a request from an internal or external customer to create quotations for specific products and services. You already create the quotation in Asset.Desk and send it directly by mail. If the customer orders, you can transfer the quotation directly into an order. Thereby, you reserve the desired articles. If the required items are not available in the warehouse, you can cause an order directly from your vendor. The sales prices of the articles are determined automatically and are always correctly stated with the tax. In the last step, you send the goods for the customer commission from the goods issue. You create the appropriate delivery notes and invoices at the push of a button.

Functions of IT sales management:

  • Creation of quotations, transfer to orders
  • Capture of orders for hardware and services
  • Documentation of deliveries to your customers
  • Provision of the customer commission in the goods issue
  • Creation of delivery notes and invoices at the push of a button
  • Preparation of recurring invoices e.g. for rents and projects
  • Capture of invoice corrections and credits
  • Printing and/or automatically sending all documents to your customers via e-mail
  • Detailed reporting about open, ongoing, completed and not received orders
  • Provision of pre-posted invoice data for accounting

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