IT Order Management

Manage your IT purchases

Comprehensive order and complaint system for devices, furniture, software licenses and components. Manage suppliers, purchasing groups, quotation requests, orders, and complaints directly from your CMDB.

  • Individual orders to suppliers can be created, emailed, managed and printed individually or based on process. When you capture order items, you can easily access to your individual stock list. From this, the deposited article number from the supplier as well as the list prices and packaging units are drawn and transferred to the order. Alternatively, free-text positions can also be formed.
  • At delivery, the objects from the delivered position are generated in a tree or a license entry directly, or components are added to a stock or a device. A partial delivery receipt can also be mapped.
  • For each purchase order or individual item, complaints can be created and tracked directly in the process.
  • Asset.Desk proactively points to the resubmission dates for orders or complaints. Changes to orders and complaints are logged by the system with time stamps and users.
  • In addition to orders and complaints, with Asset.Desk you can also create requests to deliverers. The requests can be printed or sent via e-mail.
  • All generated documents are stored as a PDF in a directory structure. Together, the two modules, configuration management and IT order management, enable to view the complete lifecycle in the field of configuration management.

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