Contract Management

Numerous contracts govern the business basis for dealing with your business partners. It is important to keep full control. There are different questions, which contract expires, when can a contract be terminated or which contract must be extended or changed.

With the strong contract management in Asset.Desk you can always get a complete and transparent overview of the status of all contracts stored in the system. You can assign your contracts quickly and easily to the appropriate assets (hardware, software or furniture) or even to employees. You are always informed about your contractual obligations and current events.

The contract management of FCS offers you significant advantages

  • You have all the contracts in one system, such as purchase, lease, license, maintenance, mobile or subscriptions.
  • By creating your own contract groups and linking assets to contracts, contract management can be expanded and used individually, for example for insurance contracts.
  • The system automatically determines the expected cash flow for the upcoming months on the basis of the defined payment plans. You are always well informed about the payment amounts.
  • With budget and budget evaluations, all payments for the respective budget are shown and you are always informed whether the budget is still sufficient or where it is already exhausted.
  • You can define who can see and edit contracts, with the definition of authorized persons and other schedule lines (for example, by location, department, cost center or contract type).
  • Each contract receives a status, starting with “draft”, so that a contract workflow can be mapped.
  • Information about the contract and changes can you keep in the contract as file notes.
  • A change history for the contracts shows who changed which contract data and when (audit security).
  • By displaying all appointments in the calendar and with the follow-up function, you will not miss a contract date.
  • Finally, the graphic evaluation provides a quick overview of all important contract key figures. These can be exported in various formats (also PDF or JPG).


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