Mobile Inventory and RFID

Inventories – the initial inventory or its annual inspection are actually lengthy and unloved processes, which encounter discomfort in many companies.

But it can be fun! With FCS as a partner (experience and competence in inventory projects since 2002) and the corresponding tools.
With Asset.Desk Mobile +, we offer a solution for mobile devices which is directly connected to the asset database via state-of-the-art technology.

This enables not only the revision-secure inventory but also initial inventory, disposal, interim processes, and even image documentation of the IT landscape.

With Asset.Desk you can manage the entire inventory, the IT infrastructure and also furniture.
A number generator allows the flexible and individual allocation of inventory numbers.
The support of barcode printing and RFID coding lays the foundation for proper identification of the assets.

FCS can support you through the whole inventory process. In addition to our Asset.Desk software and our mobile component Asset.Desk Mobile +, we also offer training, inventory project consulting, and other services, right up to hardware equipment for your perfect inventory with Asset.Desk.

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