IT Documentation

For what do I need IT documentations?

Documenting a network environment is a complicated and time-consuming task. Nonetheless, it is critical to administrators, for example, who need an overview of the company’s own IT infrastructure. It is not only a matter of maintaining a list of existing software and devices. A visual representation of the IT landscape in plans and diagrams is much more expressive, helping you to identify a networks’ structure and its dependencies at a glance. Images tell you more than lists. That’s why IT diagrams are also needed for certifications (ISO) and the “IT-Grundschutz”.

Create IT diagrams automatically

Programs, which enable nearly automatic creation of IT diagrams from saved device data and connections, are an enormous relief. A topology plan takes an essential role in this: it documents, which network components (e.g. switches) the clients, servers, and network printers are connected to and how the network nodes are interrelated.

Asset.Desk puts you in a position to create IT diagrams automatically and export them to Microsoft Visio or PDF formats, with its integrated module „Visual Network“. „Visual Network“ is also available as an additional module for Inventory.Desk.


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