Asset.Desk is flexible and modular. Due to our experiences, we know that many companies have a specific goal in the introduction of a solution for inventory and asset management. A fundamental question should often be covered. Maybe in future, it could become possible, that a modular expansion with additional IT management processes will be desired.

Die Editionen im Überblick:

ScanMaster Edition

Do you need a low-cost, lean but powerful solution for inventorying hardware and software as the basis for IT administration and for fast overviews, e.g. for rollout planning? We recommend ScanMaster Edition!

LicenseMaster Edition

You require a all in all software asset management that depicts all commercially available license models and metrics. Which prepares you also for a license audit from Microsoft or the Software Alliance? We offer you our KPMG certified LicenseMaster Edition!

ITAM Edition

You not only want to evaluate scan data and manage your software and license, you also want to have a commercial overview of your IT park? Are you also interested in running commercial data and mark assets with inventory labels? You need our ITAM Edition!

EAM Edition

In addition to IT assets, would you like to inventory and manage furniture, machines, apparatus or fleet vehicles? Would you like to manage all fixed assets and tangible assets in your company in one system?
For this purpose, we offer the EAM Edition for Enterprise Asset Management!

LifecycleMaster Edition

Your challenge is the depiction of purchased IT resources, software licenses, services, furniture and/or office equipment? We offer you the LifecycleMaster Edition!

Mobile Inventory Edition

You want to prove where your inventory is placed, or if it is still complete? Do you want to capture assets directly at your receiving area? You need the Mobile Inventory Edition!

ITIL Edition

You must charge rent, lease, telephone, or similar costs periodically with or without surcharge to internal or external customers whose inventory you are managing? Just use the ITIL Edition!

DocuMaster Edition

Do you want more than just lists and tree views? We recommend the DocuMaster Edition!

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