A flexible interface for
a high connectivity
Simple integration of Third-Party Systems

Asset.Desk offers a variety of flexible interfaces for the integration of third-party systems, e.g. ERP-systems, Active Directory, System Management tools, etc.
Asset.Desk integrates smoothly into your existing system environment and processes. It complements these with a professional IT Asset- and license-management.
In case Asset.Desk is the leading system in your system environment, it generates and administers a unique Asset-ID (inventory number) by itself. Otherwise, it receives the Asset-ID from the leading system via the interface.

Also all of our systems, e.g HEINZELMANN, Install.Desk or the mobile apps are integrated with this interface via Asset.Desk


The Open Data Protocol (OData) enables data exchange between Asset.Desk and other systems. It works as a modern web-protocol thus enables data access and data manipulation. For the App Asset.Desk Mobile+ this means for example, that direct communication with Asset.Desk without data redundancy is possible. A connection of third party systems to the gateway is possible anytime. The data transfer happens via http(s) requests and responses in JSON.


Numerous companies already use Microsoft SCCM for their software distribution and scanning processes. However this product is not made for IT-Asset-Management. Moreover it can not display all license models on the market.

Whit this interface the IT-Asset-Management and the software Asset Management in Asset.Desk can be build based on SCCM-scan data.

The new SCCM interface enables the usage of the inventary information collected by the Microsoft-owned solution for anyone, who cannot count on the excellent scan methods of FCS and who have to introduce a ITAM into an existing enterprise enviroment with SCCM.

Active Directory Loader

Take over the master data of users, departments, rooms and locations from your Windows Active Directory to Asset.Desk.
The data from the Windows directory service can be synchronised regulary after the initial takeover. Thus the management of the organisation data is only nessecary once. Meanwhile The Active Directory stays the leading system.

Web Daemon

Transfer scan data via the internet
From now on Scan data of the lokal Windows Agents of those clients, which are not connectet to the company net, can be transfered to a central server via the Web Daemon. This way you can be sure, that all your companies Computers are registered – no matter where they are!

Integration with your software deployment tool

Connect your IT-infrastructur and sofware deployment tool
Use your inventary data from Asset.Desk to distribute software target-oriented via Install.Desk. You see at first view, on which PCs the software app needs to be installed. You take those PCs automatically as Install.Desk-distribution group. After the distribution via Install.Desk, Asset.Desk informs you about the updated software status. Thus the latest software status of these devices is available immidiately in the inventary Database or rather in the Asset.Desk Database.

Integration with your Service.Desk/Helpdesk

Connect your IT-infrastructur whith your Helpdesk
Asset.Desk and HEINZELMANN ServiceDesk use a shared data base. In combination, the tickets administered in Asset.Desk can be used as a reference for HEINZELMANN-tickets. This way additional possibilities for evaluation per device are available.

The captured support effort fro Helpdesk can be taken over into Asset.Desk. This way you can always follow the incurred expenses per cost unit or per department.
Used together, employee and company master data from Asset.Desk build the base for wholistic configuration management and service support after ITIL.

Advantages Overview

  • Connection with the Active Directory
    • Takeover of the master data of users, departmens, rooms and locations
    • Single Sign-on login
  • Networking via the FCS Desk Suite
    • Integration with HEINZELMANN ServiceDesk
    • Software distribution with Install.Desk
  • SCCM-Gateway for usage of Asset.Desk based on scan data from MS SCCM
  • web interface for connection to third party systems (e.g. SAP) based on REST-Services (OData Gateway)
  • Scan of IT-ressources via the internet

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