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Cloud Scanner

Inventory of MS Azure and Google Cloud as well as license management for software subscriptions in the Cloud

Asset.Desk allows you to automatically “Scan” the exact hardware and software of all IT resources from a central location. Just one click and you get the complete hardware and installed software directly from the target system.
The Cloud Scanner can also be used to inventory resources that you operate in the MS Azure Cloud and the Google Cloud, e.g. VMs, App Services, DBs. In addition, the cloud scanner can be used to retrieve purchased license plans, software products and authorized users in the Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. This gives you a complete overview of the current status of your software subscriptions and resources in the cloud in one system.

Inventory of MS Azure und Google Cloud

Whether on-premise, IaaS, SaaS or intermediate, AssetDesk combines local assets and your cloud resources into one system. The usage data and costs incurred are also retrieved and processed. Asset.Desk accesses the cloud resources using the provider’s REST API and fully meets the security requirements of OAuth2 authentication.

MS Azure Scanner

Your subscriptions are inventoried with the resources you use. You define in the tracker which subscriptions and which resources are to be scanned in detail. Asset.Desk stores the scanned Azure resources in the central database and displays them in the manager in a tree structure. In addition to viewing overviews of all resources, you can also scan data from virtual machines, app services, storage accounts and databases in your Azure Cloud environment.

Google Cloud Scanner

Here, you can also inventory your subscriptions (Projects) with the corresponding resources. The scanned Google resources are also stored in the central database of Asset.Desk and displayed in a tree structure in the manager. In particular, the scanner uses data from virtual machines, app services, storages (buckets) and databases in your Google Cloud environment.

The FCS Cloud Scanner simplifies the management of your software subscriptions!

Cloud – Cost Analysis

Asset.Desk retrieves all billing data (costs) from the Azure Cloud and stores them in the database. The cost rates are available as raw data in list form in the manager.

Asset.Desk also offers a cost analysis with graphical diagrams:

  • The distribution of costs according to various criteria as well as
  • the course of costs daily or cumulative

The period of the evaluations is freely selectable, so that also comparative analyses of the costs are possible.

Cloud – Contracts

One or more contracts can be assigned to cloud subscriptions in Asset.Desk. This enables you to map the concluded agreements with the cloud providers for the respective subscriptions in the form of Asset.Desk contracts.

Cloud – Commercial data

You can assign company codes, cost centers, a partner, and a default service type to each subscription. This means that the costs of using the cloud can later be charged to the units in the company that are responsible for it.

License management for software subscriptions in the cloud

  • With the Cloud Scanner, you can access your purchased license plans, software products, and licensed user accounts from Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • You always see the current status of your software subscriptions with the number of total licenses, free and assigned licenses directly in Asset.Desk.
  • With the licensed user accounts, the license management can automatically assign catalogs and licenses for the software subscriptions to the employees in Asset.Desk.
  • Newly licensed users are automatically provided with catalog and license, for deleted user accounts in the cloud catalog and license are withdrawn from Asset.Desk employees.
  • So the licenses of your software subscriptions in the cloud are always exactly included in the license balance of Asset.Desk.

Office 365 Cloud Licensing

The cloud scanner always retrieves the current license plans you have subscribed to, the available services and the assigned authorized user accounts from the Office 365 cloud. Asset.Desk always shows you how many free cloud licenses still exist in your software subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing

In this case, the cloud scanner also retrieves the software products you have purchased, the included applications and services, and the associated authorized user accounts from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Asset.Desk also gives you an overview of the total and free cloud licenses of your software subscription.

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