Terminal Server

The new module “Terminal Server” for Security.Desk puts you in a position to control and restrict the data flow between local drives and thin clients in remote sessions of Windows Terminal Server, Windows Server 2016 RDS, Citrix MetaFrame or Citrix XenApp.

Security.Desk then keeps you informed about what files got moved from the working stations of your server farms to a removable storage or vice versa. As all such file movements get logged right on the spot you can act promptly.

It is also possible to monitor or prohibit network drives if they are connected to the driver letters and are also selected in the options.

Rights for usage of the “redirected drives” can be granted in general or on computer, group or user level. Drives can be fully blocked, set to read only or fully allowed.

The black list for file types (in exchange with local drives) is available for thin clients, too.

If in addition to thin clients, conventional Windows clients are operated in remote sessions, the monitored drives (A-Z) can be specified globally.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows Terminal Server, Windows Server 2016 RDS
  • Citrix MetaFrame, Citrix XenApp 6.x, 7.x

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