Network Protocol

Network Protocol

With its optional Network Log add-on module, Security.Desk provides a file log for common Internet protocols such as HTTP, SMTP and FTP.

No matter whether the files are uploaded e.g. via Internet Browser or sent via Outlook – the “Network Log” module records all file movements over the Internet, which are executed with any applications.

In doing so, the module reconstructs all parameters from the “network traffic” of the end device, so that among others

  • the protocol type (HTTP, SMTP and FTP)
  • the file name
  • the executing user
  • the executing computer, source and destination address as well as
  • date and time

are also recorded. The network protocol is active for all adapters of an end device, i.e. Ethernet, WLAN and Bluetooth. By combining it with Security.Desk, you make your network even more secure – because you monitor file exchanges even better and see who is causing potential damage to your company!

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