Intuitive reservation portal

Lend assets and book rooms via self-service portal

Reserva is the intuitive reservation portal for business purposes. With Reserva, employees within the company or external customers can independently reserve and then borrow items/resources that are available for loan within the company. It makes no difference whether these are laptops, projectors, flip charts, cameras, or cars. Rooms can also be reserved with Reserva.

safe and independent of industry

Reserva is a web-based lending system. It is intuitive and has a user-friendly interface.
Reserva is for everyone, whether a medium-sized company, corporation, city, municipality or public administration.

Reservation of any inventory
and rooms

With Reserva, all types of inventory, IT assets, and non-IT assets, as well as resources of all kinds, can be reserved and loaned or rooms booked. Whether you need a beamer, a microphone, or a laptop for a business meeting or, more unusually, a coffee machine or a fire extinguisher for an event – Reserva will organize the loan of these items for you. In addition, Reserva can be expanded as required. Any asset information can be added.

Always the overview – fast & flexible use

Reserva enables you to keep track of the reservations of your assets and rooms at all times. The solution offers calendar views, comprehensive reports, and lists for transfers and returns. This means that the user has comprehensive information on availability quickly at hand or supervisors can keep a close eye on their assets and rooms at all times.

Saves time and streamlines processes!

With Reserva you can digitise a time-consuming
everyday business process.

Save time – for yourself and your employees.
No more Excel spreadsheets, annoying phone calls, wrong and alternative reservations or time-consuming approval processes. From the personnel department to development, secretarial services
or the reception – anyone can reserve Reserva without time-consuming
Use training periods.

Up to 70% time saving!


Employees within the company or external customers can independently reserve and then borrow resources that are available for loan within the company. It makes no difference whether these are laptops, beamers, flipcharts, cameras, or cars. Rooms can also be reserved with Reserva.


Reserva takes into account time restrictions such as your individual service times, during which the lending service is available at the pick-up location, and set-up times, i.e. times when equipment and rooms are cleaned, for example. The employees who manage the goods issue are not in the office until 9:00 in the morning? No problem! With just a few clicks, you can set up the system so that users are only able to check out goods from this time. Administrators can also decide for themselves what set-up time they want to estimate. In case of a reservation, these times are then automatically blocked.


Reserva manages the reservations on the timeline intelligently and fully automatically. The system takes all existing reservations and time restrictions into account during the scheduling process and achieves the best pick-up and drop-off times on this basis. If, for example, a beamer is not available at the desired time, Reserva automatically suggests the next possible time slot. And you can be sure: The times are always correct!


The search and borrowing can not only be started in a list but in a calendar view the users can see immediately whether the desired equipment or rooms are still available or not for the selected period.


The approval process is optionally integrated so that borrowing is first requested and then approved, depending on the user role
must. If there is an approval or rejection, the requester receives a notification via e-mail.


The system reacts flexibly with stored alternative proposals.
If an item is actually not available when a reservation is requested, e.g. the notebook is in storage but the supervisor finds that it is defective, the supervisor can easily react flexibly and suggest an alternative.


Another password? Not with Reserva!
Through the connection to the Active Directory, users can log in quickly and easily with their Windows Logon


Reserva is a web application that allows you to create and manage your reservations quickly and easily using a browser and thus on a PC, tablet or mobile view for the smartphone. Nothing else needs to be installed on the client.


An open REST-based interface (API) offers you maximum flexibility. Transfer of assets and rooms, retrieval of reservations – the API enables seamless integration with third-party systems. Asset.Desk is fully integrated with Reserva via the REST API and is, so to speak, the benchmark for integration.

Do you manage your inventory in an external program and want to release this inventory for lending?
No problem, via the REST interface those assets can be transferred to Reserva very easily.


Dates over dates!
You can get confused – unless you have Reserva!
When you plan a meeting and book a room for it, Reserva automatically creates an Outlook appointment, e.g. for the reservation period. This Outlook appointment is sent to you by e-mail and can be transferred directly into your Outlook calendar by double-clicking. There you can continue to work as usual.

You can flexibly set whether Outlook appointments for

  • pick-up,
  • reservation period or
  • return can be created.


Imagine you have a meeting today in room 204 and during the meeting you realize that the topic to be discussed will take more time than you thought. But the room is only booked for an hour – with Reserva you can quickly find out whether the room has already been reserved for other colleagues after your appointment or whether you can overrun and finish the discussion!
In the top right-hand corner of every detail page of an object or room, you will find a QR code with a self-link to the respective page. You can save this QR code, print it, and attach it to the respective inventory or room. If you scan the attached QR code with your smartphone on-site, the detail page of the inventory or room will appear directly in the browser. There you can view the occupancy and start a reservation at the same time.

Integration Benchmark: Asset.Desk

Reserva can be connected to any inventory database,
but it works best with Asset.Desk!

End-to-end process with Asset.Desk

Feed Reserva with the data from Asset Desk.
In Asset.Desk you can organize your assets and rooms available for lending in a separate tab and in your familiar environment. Select from a list which assets and rooms you want to release for Reserva. In Asset.Desk, specify which data you want to have displayed in Reserva for the objects: Manufacturer, type, model, expiry date, amount, purchase price or perhaps the connections and resolution of the beamer? No problem at all!

The great thing about it is that you can carry out the handovers and returns for the approved reservations in Asset.Desk as usual when you issue/pick up the items. Reports always provide an immediate overview of which employee has borrowed which asset. In addition, you can also maintain external employees in Asset Desk that you have not otherwise created in the Asset Desk tree structure. Asset Desk and Reserva communicate exclusively via the REST API.

In short: In Asset.Desk you can make settings, define properties, release assets and rooms, and always get a complete overview. The actual reservation process then runs in Reserva itself.

This is Bob:

Bob is an assistant to the management in a medium-sized company.
His task is to support the management in the daily business.
He coordinates appointments and makes sure that meetings can run stress-free and without complications.

His daily work often includes the short-term planning of business appointments.
This morning his boss gave him the order to set up a meeting for tomorrow. A total of three colleagues and five new business partners will be attending this event. His boss gives him a list of items that are absolutely necessary for the business meeting.

You can read in his user story how Bob organizes this meeting with the help of Reserva.

Flexible reservation portal!
Reserve assets and book rooms via self-service portal


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