Software deployment

Install.Desk supports you with automated software installations and updates without interfering
with the operating procedures on the clients of your employees!

Flexible time management

The execution of the installation jobs can be determined by the user – either immediately after execution, at a specific time or after the target clients have been restarted. Failed jobs can be repeated if desired.

Comprehensive history

The history of each distribution order is stored in the history. The results can be evaluated individually, e.g. by time period, target device, installation status, installation job, etc.

Easy-to-use surface

Distribution groups and distribution packages can be created simply by dragging and dropping them on the screen, and distribution orders can be generated with just a few clicks.

Central control center

The management console shows at a glance which distribution tasks are scheduled, running or completed. For each distribution task, status, availability of the target devices and the distribution progressare easy to overview in the form of traffic light functions.

Discovery function

Install.Desk shows the computers of your network environment, exactly those that have not yet been imported into Install.Desk. The computers can be conveniently imported from the Windows network environment or also from the Active Directory to Install.Desk.

  • Detect devices via domain list
  • Detect devices via IP range
  • Detect devices via Active Directory
  • Simple transfer per mouse click from the respective device list
  • Single target devices
  • Distribution groups from several target devices (to be created via drag & drop)
  • msi packages (these can be extensively parameterized to run standard or custom installations)
  • Predefined setups (unattended – through “silent” parameters)
  • Snapshots (creation on reference system, then distribution of the snapshot “silent” on the target systems)
  • Batch files and Windows commands
  • Entries, changes, and deletions in the registry (registry key)
  • Installation from a local directory or from a network path (share)
  • Define packages from multiple jobs
  • Ask users for permission before installing on the client
  • Inform users after installation is completed
  • specify the number of retries
  • Force installation despite user’s refusal when number of retries is reached
  • Automatic retries in case of problems on target device
  • Email notification in case of error
  • Immediately after execution
  • At the next restart
  • At a specified time in the future
  • Control station with traffic light function for installation success per target device
  • Detailed log (history) of all installation processes on the client
  • Protocol exportable in various formats (e.g. xls, csv, xlsx)

Add-on modules:

The following modules can be purchased separately:


Web-based self-service portal for employees within the company to automatically select and install approved software applications.


Distribution of software applications based on Active Directory groups.

Software distribution
Why actually?

  • Less administration effort
  • Uniform installations
  • Fast system updates
  • Fast system recovery
  • Installation option outside working hours
  • Centralized support of decentralized infrastructures
  • Cost savings

Uniform revision levels of all installed applications create the basis for faster work and relieve your user helpdesk. The creation of distribution groups and distribution packages also simplifies the individual software supply of specific user groups and functional areas. Your administrators can use this time gained for more important tasks.

Office 365 distribution
with Install.Desk

Learn how to use Install.Desk to install and manage the Office 365 Apps
on your client computers.

More features:

Combine software distribution and IT inventory

Install.Desk can be combined with inventory data from Asset.Desk This allows you to install “to the computer”: Based on the inventory data in Asset.Desk, you can see at a glance on which computers the desired software application still needs to be installed and automatically transfer these computers as a distribution group to Install.Desk.


Reference extract:

                                 Stadt Aurich

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