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Software Deployment


With Install.Desk, FCS implements its long experience in software management and offers a perfect solution for the administrative task of centralized software deployment. Thanks to uniform revision levels of all installed applications, you get a homogeneous basis for faster work and simultaneously decrease the workload of your helpdesk.
The creation of deployment groups and packages makes it easy to provide individual software to different user groups and functional areas, according to their needs. In doing so, your administrators can spend more time on more important tasks.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to use surface:
    Customize deployment groups and deployment packages easily through drag and drop and create deployment jobs using only a few clicks.
  • Central point of deployment:
    You can always view the state of planned and finished deployment jobs, as well as jobs currently in process. Furthermore, you can watch every deployment jobs status, availability of targeted clients and the deployment progress via a traffic light indicator.
  • Flexible timing:
    You define when a deployment job should run – right after creation, at a certain date or after the next reboot of the target clients. If a job fails, Install.Desk will retry an installation for a defined number of times.
  • Global history:
    All deployment attempts are saved into logs. The system provides you with a detailed history of all deployment runs. Results can be filtered individually, e.g. with focus on a specific period, target client, status of deployment, deployment jobs and so on.
  • Discovery function:
    Install.Desk is able to discover all clients of your Windows environment currently not found in its database automatically. The clients can then easily be imported from the Windows network environment or from the Active Directory.

Additional module: Active Directory Manager

With the Active Directory Manager it is possible to assign software packages (jobs) per drag & drop to certain Active Directory groups to specify a basic configuration. If a device is moved from one AD group to another AD group, Install.Desk reacts automatically and starts the required installation or uninstallation jobs according to your specifications.

Additional module: OS-Packager

This component extends Install.Desk with functions for creating and managing operating system packages for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Through OS packager, entire setups, including answer files for the particular operating systems, can be configured fast and easy. The powerful setup manager factors in different requirements for each operating systems. When the completed setups are transferred to the target client via USB stick, CD or PXE-Server, the selected operating system is installed silently and with predefined settings – no user interaction necessary. Once created, the OS-packages are saved in Install.Desk, so that you can always reuse the configured setup, without the need to define them from the ground up again.

Additional module: Vulnerability Management

The Install.Desk Vulnerability Management helps you identify critical security holes in your IT and eliminate risks through CVSS and CVE certified action recommendations.

As a basis, the internationally reported vulnerabilities (CVE) and the affected software are collected centrally on our server and regularly compared with the customer installations of Install.Desk via web service. The system proposes vulnerability policies and fixes to remedy identified vulnerabilities as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, vulnerability management helps the administrator set automatic response routines as installable jobs and packages. You can run the installation jobs to resolve the vulnerabilities as usual immediately, at the next reboot, or on a scheduled basis.

Additional module: Software Kiosk

The web-based software kiosk (available in January 2019) is the self-service portal for employees in the company. With the software kiosk as a “pull system”, employees can decide for themselves if and when they want to install which software applications.

In Install.Desk, the administrator merely determines which applications are released for which user group in the form of jobs or packages. The administrator is relieved of various installation tasks.

The software kiosk runs in any browser and features a modern web design. Users use their familiar Windows login to access the kiosk.

Clever combined

Install.Desk can work with inventory data from Asset.Desk Once bundled, these two products offer additional advantages to you: Software can be specifically deployed. Information from Asset.Desk gains a brief overview over which clients still need to be provided with a certain software application. With a click, Asset.Desk provides the list to Install.Desk, where a deployment group is created from these PCs right away.

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The price of Install.Desk depends on the number of clients to be supplied with software. For an individual offer, please contact us directly.

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