Define recurring processes and let them run automatically!

With the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk add-on module Workflow, you define workflows from ticket sequences to run your standard processes quickly and efficiently. The integration of forms thus facilitates the individual design of each work step.

Advantages of the workflow

HEINZELMANN WORKFLOW makes recurring and ITIL-compliant processes transparent and efficient in the long term. By determining the “critical path”, you have control over the possible adherence to the final deadlines at all times. You quickly recognize when unforeseen disruptions occur, can react accordingly and always have an overview of whether changes will affect the due date.

Reports also help you to evaluate the course of the workflows and to include necessary changes in the current process.

How does it work?

Generate the workflow:

  • You use the initial ticket to start a workflow, e.g. making a work center available to a new employee
  • Tickets are now automatically addressed to the affected groups and employees with predefined due dates and consequences, e.g. order PC and/or telephone, prepare workstation, create account, assign telephone number, order business cards,…
  • Depending on the completion of the previous tasks or the time component, notification about the next necessary activity is automatically sent to the appropriate group e.g. “Set up e-mail account” to the IT administration or “Print business cards” to marketing
  • The initiator of the workflow is always kept up to date and can monitor the adherence to time windows and the “critical path”
  • The process owner can react at any time and adjust the process if necessary. With every change, all start and end times are recalculated

Test HEINZELMANN Service.Desk for free or purchase it directly

The price for our HEINZELMANN solution depends on the supporters/employees who process your tickets. HEINZELMANN costs only 995€ in the starting version with three supporter licenses including one admin. Please contact us, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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