Manage projects and projects agile and use the Scrum approach!

With the HEINZELMANN Service.Desk module “Backlog” you can manage your projects and plans agile and use the modern Scrum approach.

  • For this purpose, the tasks to be completed (tickets) are stored in a “backlog”.
  • From this, you simply drag and drop to form suitable ticket bundles, so-called “sprints”, which are to be processed to reach a defined interim destination within a specified period of time.
  • A burn-down chart indicates when the work will be finished and shows at any time the remaining effort in relation to the time remaining.

Thus, the progress of the project is measurable for you at any time!


Scrum is a formal set of rules for the collaboration of teams. The Scrum model defines roles, meetings and various artifacts that support teams to work according to agile principles.

Triggers and occasions for a Scrum project

  • Processes are cumbersome and expensive or the technology is prone to errors; this should be improved.
  • There is a legal requirement or framework that requires something to be implemented or renewed.
  • Users/customers are no longer satisfied with an existing product. They have different requirements/desires, e.g. because other competitors also offer this.

And this is how it works:

  1. A product backlog (= collection pool) is created for all activities or HEINZELMANN tickets.
  2. These are summarized in a sprint backlog (= ticket bundle)
  3. which is to be implemented within a defined period of time
  4. in order to publish the corresponding result (= for example release, product, improvement).

Advantages of using a Scrum project

  • Qualitatively better project results
  • Easier collaboration
  • Prompt implementation of projects
  • Faster detection and reaction to problems
  • Greater flexibility in the project
  • Better employee motivation through more responsibility and independent work

Test HEINZELMANN Service.Desk for free or purchase it directly

The price for our HEINZELMANN solution depends on the supporters/employees who process your tickets. HEINZELMANN costs only 995€ in the starting version with three supporter licenses including one admin. Please contact us, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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